Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Show Me The Money!

For all of The Tartanissimo's sound and fury, and for all the in-yer-face whelping of his lapdogs, if you pay a portion of a bill which is also partly paid by non-Parliamentarians such as Corin Redgrave, it's hard to see how it could be a parliamentary expense, and accordingly you shouldn't really have put it on your expenses.
One of his followers, Sandra White MSP, seems to have either a bee in her bonnet or a bug up her backside about the amount of cricket shown on television in Scotland. She, and all other adherents of his rather seedy little personality cult, might soon have to acquaint themselves with the meaning of the word 'Owzat!'


Blogger James Higham said...

Bug up her backside more like.

14 July, 2009 13:28  
Blogger Martin said...


14 July, 2009 21:05  
Blogger Catholic Teuchtar said...

Make the rest of the UK watch a two hour long curling match every day for a week, say, Scotland V Canada, and see how it goes down.

14 July, 2009 22:29  
Blogger Martin said...


Having lived in Scotland all my life, I have known more cricketers than curlers. Even in Scotland, curling is a minority sport. There is absolutely no comparison between it and cricket.

15 July, 2009 06:30  
Blogger Catholic Teuchtar said...

Cricket is a minority sport in Scotland.

Fair enough. Make them watch the Scottish Rugby team for 2 hours every day for a week.

Even the Scots would complain so dont come back to me on that one

15 July, 2009 20:53  

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