Monday, July 20, 2009

The Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act

According to The Journal Of The Law Society of Scotland, this law

"...enables Scottish law enforcement agencies to pursue anyone from Scotland who commits a sex crime under Scots law against someone under-18 abroad, regardless of the law in that country."

By passing this law, the Scottish Parliament has shown itself to be no different to the kind of mob which surrounds prison vans carrying suspected sex offenders, kicking it and shouting 'Beast!'

Its incredible arrogance in suggesting that Scots are bound by this law wherever in the world they might be shows a lack of respect for other nations' laws which should result in them treating Scottish law with the contempt its current direction only deserves. Nobody likes sex offenders - who's to say that the next law won't affect other groups society doesn't like? Or groups that those within the Scottish Parliament just don't like, those whose stink offends the cologne-scented nostrils of a Scottish civic nationalist?

Of course, one can count on the quality of its draftmanship being as abysmal as most of the Scottish Parliament's other laws - how is being 'from Scotland' to be defined? There is no such thing as Scottish citizenship, so is it to be defined by residence? If so, for how long? By birth? Does that mean that an infant emigrant could be liable for prosecution in Scotland for 'offences' which are not in fact offences in the country where they've spent the vast bulk of their lives?

And it shows that in Scotland, a land and culture marvellous at producing policemen, it doesn't matter what you do - at all times and under all circumstances, you are a suspect. Unless you're happily stripping the willow, stepping gaily as you go with a wee dram and a folk song, you're not one of us.

They love the nation, and hate the people.


Blogger James Higham said...

There is no such thing as Scottish citizenship.

Tell that to Alec.

20 July, 2009 09:41  
Blogger The Young Oligarch said...

Claiming retrospective or universal jurisdiction are marks of a fascist state (and I don't say that lightly).

The rot started when Mrs. Thatcher's government imposed retrospective jurisdiction of our courts over events in occupied Europe during the war . Thats's why they had trouble scraping it through the Lords .

Who could pity the poor war criminals ?

The same gae few that pity the poor sex offenders , but we all become less free as a result and our laws more oppressive .

20 July, 2009 12:24  

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