Friday, June 05, 2009

Waiting For The Shock

Terrorist scare? Public health scare?
Threat of extra-terrestrial invasion?
Just what incident will happen in the next few days which will be used to force through changes intended to be irreversible in response to a short-term, perhaps even manufactured, crisis?
I hope I'm wrong. But with the government losing Ministers on a daily basis, getting wiped out in the polls and looking like it could collapse if you breathe hard enough on it, somehow it feels like shocktime.


Blogger Martin Meenagh said...

Just to beat anyone else to writing it; "I for one stand ready to greet and serve our new alien overlords"

05 June, 2009 08:25  
Blogger Mary said...


I'm just visiting really, but I have to say that a lot of what you say worries me. Your thinking may be clear, but it is unusual. Your views are obviously valid, but not necessarily right. Also, you sound so angry.

05 June, 2009 13:54  
Blogger Catholic Teuchtar said...

Sir Alan Sugar? Surely time for the SNLA?



05 June, 2009 22:21  
Blogger James Higham said...

I don't think you're wrong on this. Brown has to have his distraction BUT and this is a big but - it seems to me it's all part of the Great Plan of Ages.

All along, I've seem Blair and Gordo as Bilderberger stooges whose part was played and they then accepted the consequences of their Faustian bargains.

06 June, 2009 09:22  
Blogger Paulinus said...

There is a public health scare in that swine flu is taking a bit of a hold in Lanarkshire from what Mrs P and a friend in public health tell me, but I think it's genuine.

How they spin it is another thing altogether.......

wv: goave (Did they mean Gove?)

06 June, 2009 09:23  
Blogger Mary said...

I was having a very bad day when I wrote my comment, so I'm sorry for that. Sincerely I am. The silly thing is, that there was nothing in that particular post to trigger the reaction, but more a general dislike of some of your views.I do have a problem with your 'black museum' list where you name names and brand people as murderers and I also cannot comprehend your feelings on the De Menezes killing, where you seem to imply that he deserved to get shot because he was in the country illegally.

I'm not good on the computer and always make lots of errors which I don't see until the post is up. There'll be plenty more today, I'm sure. Just to share the blame around it was my son who signed me off as George and 'eat it'is his expression. His name is Dan, and he sends his regards, as do I.

07 June, 2009 01:42  
Blogger Martin said...


If you read 'No Compenstion fr De Menezes' closely, you will see that at all times the blog was active my view was that a full enquiry should have been held. I do not think I ever stated that he 'deserved' to be killed because he was in the country illegally, but that he would not have died had he not been engaged in a systematic campaign of lawbreaking, and that his own behaviour meant that his relatives should benefit from his death when they had also received the benefot of financial remittances earned through lawbreaking.

You will also see that that blog has not been updated for nearly three years. Would I start writing it now? Probably not, but what I have written, I have written.

By the same token, 'The Black Museum' is an anthology of posts on which I was six months ahead of public policy - an attempt to record the huge scale of the UK's problem with foreigner-perpetrated crime. I started writing it in November 2005, and less than a year later Charles Clarke was out of a job because of it.

I would hope that you would think that discuss of these matters was certainly legitimate. And of course your apology is accepted.

Paulinus & James,

Thanks, gents.

08 June, 2009 07:23  

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