Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's Been 1707 All Over Again

I will not be voting in today's elections to the European Parliament - if one believes that an institution should not exist, there seems little point in participating in a process that helps ensure its survival.
It will be the first time I have missed a vote since I became eligible to do so 21 years ago, the simple reason being that this is the first election with which I have felt I don't really want to be associated. On reflection, this realisation is long overdue, for on balance democracy has done precisely hee-haw for me over the course of my life; it's high time time I returned the compliment.
The spectacle of electioneering now produces nothing but disgust. It's cagefighting for men in suits. History should by now have well and truly demolished the idea that the greatest will of the greatest number always produces the most legitimate result. In the United Kingdom, the tyranny of the 'free vote', in which representatives are permitted to vote according to their consciences, has resulted in a four decade long and still ongoing slaughter of children in their mothers' wombs. If that's what you get in a democracy, you can shove it. It is of Satan.
A similar outcome may happen in respect of 'assisted suicide'. This practice, which will result in many, many deaths which will be neither assisted nor suicide, perhaps even my own, is being driven from the top down, by either stupid or evil, or stupid and evil, people who think they know better than God. Oh, they have credentials issuing from every orifice; don't they always. Yet their profound lack of humility, their godless insertion of themselves into the place in their lives where God should be, makes them little better than public menaces. There is no real appetite for an assisted suicide law among the people - the only appetite it would be intended to satisfy would be Moloch's appetite for sacrifices; and that is insatiable.
Democracy even has bogeymen, like the BNP. As risible and odious as the BNP is, if people want to vote for it, let them - that's democracy.
The New Labour government has been adept in circumventing democracy, treating the electoral process not as a battleground in the war of ideas but as a rubber stamping process in which the cattle endorse the actions of the elite. Being intent on creating a new historical narrative, they have forgotten that there is absolutely nothing new in this world; and that one of its principal achievements has been to help create, on a global scale, a set of conditions which were seen in its own country just over 300 years ago.
The process of 'globalisation', whatever it might be, is dependent upon the elimination of barriers. Some barriers are, of course, incapable of being eliminated without causing massive harm and disruption; while we might sometimes take our skins for granted, we forget how necessary they are to our survival.
The madcap, zany rush of the Global North's financial elite to eliminate trade barriers after the collapse of Soviet Communism was a dash for growth that owed less to Formula One than to the Wacky Races. Of course, this didn't mean that everyone could sell anything anywhere else, oh no, no, no. They got to sell to everyone else; and the 'Washington Consensus', the Friedmanite guff that burst out upon the world like puss from a boil, demanded that not only would they be allowed to sell to everyone else, they would get to own everything else by tying aid to the process of privatisation.
Except they didn't think the process through.
No surprises there. Being the mindless automata of any number of ideologies - I would have used the word 'slaves', but it would be too dignified - they didn't know any history. They didn't know what always happens when small economies are integreated into larger ones.
The people in the small economies get moving.
The mass migration from the Global South to the North, ongoing now for nearly 20 years, is precisely the same phenomena as the large-scale migration of Scots to England and elsewhere which began almost immediately after the Acts of Union became law. It has been on a larger scale, for sure - most likely because the economic damage which the North has done to the South has been vastly greater than any damage caused to Scottish interests by the Union. But the process is precisely the same.
In discussion of how British immigration policy has failed, this particular point seems to have been missed. Immigration restrictionists have perhaps focussed too much on how the interests of native citizens have been affected, as opposed to enquiring why the migrants are migrating in the first place. The economic conditions which our governments have imposed upon vast swathes of the world in our name are just as much the cause of why these folks have moved as any neglect of the British border, or the 'Globalisation In One Country' policy intended to make the United Kingdom look like The Peoples Republic of China.
Although I am not a Scottish nationalist (the last thing any nation needs is nationalists), the lesson of the Union should be that attachment to the old nation runs deep; and it will only be by returning what is theirs to the people of the South that a very great deal of future unpleasantness will be capable of being avoided. And pretty damn quick as well, if you please.


Blogger Martin Meenagh said...

You're a clearer-minded man than I. I had resolved to have nothing to do with the elections, then I found a polling station on my street and went in to throw my vote away in person.

I couldn't agree more with you about euthanasia. Its just mad, isn't it, that one can make secular arguments based on reason and predict the irrational response; I keep trying in the hope that someone will see sense on many grounds, and yet all you get is slavish ideology.

I'm glad that your writers block is over--I greatly value your posts.

All the best,


04 June, 2009 13:35  
Blogger James Higham said...

I was taken to task for my attitude to not voting in the EU monster elections.

04 June, 2009 13:42  
Blogger PJMULVEY said...

Martin: great post and the 'democracy charade' of the past 2 centuries is about over as the elites have used it to bring about their grand design....we are not too far away from a modern Caligula naming his horse as a least we will not get a pro-death vote from the equine party. I posted the following in response to a recent Paul Craig Roberts article on the coming collapse of the USA economy:

Maybe this has been the plan all along…. to bring a prosperous USA down to a lowest common denominator economy. When I look how the ‘Wall Street-Washington’ cabal has allowed: massive illegal immigration to bankrupt and culturally debase many states in the Western USA; irresponsible federal spending with nationalized health care on the way; unnecessary, elective and expensive wars that inspire more hatred; devaluation of the currency; a 30 year process of de-manufacturing of the US economy; a public school system that propagandizes and converts but doesn’t teach; an American pop culture that is noted for its sewer filth and deviance; an acceptance of sexual deviance as normal and promoted; and blithe acceptance and government promotion of 4,000 abortions daily……then I throw up my hands and say that this all didn’t happen by accident and these actions are part of a grand design by immoral and degenerate people who are traitors not only to the US Constitution but to God himself

04 June, 2009 18:04  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, Martin.

Not by me, James.

05 June, 2009 06:41  
Blogger Martin said...

Bang on the money, Patrick.

05 June, 2009 06:43  
Blogger Mary said...

Actually Martin, It is obvious that you have a lot of like-minded followers.I think you are ignaorant, scarey and prattish. Eat it.


05 June, 2009 10:53  
Blogger Euro Referendum 2009 said...


the North has returned a great deal to the South. It is what the South has done since de-colonisation that is the problem.

Mr Myers is the latest to speak bluntly. Just Google Kevin Myers/Africa.

05 June, 2009 19:23  
Blogger Martin said...


Thank you for insulting me with not one but two mis-spellings.

06 June, 2009 07:24  

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