Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The European Revolution (Or How A Group Of Idiots Who Dreamed Of A Universal State Will Find Themselves With Egg On Their Faces)

So, we're going to have a European superstate, the culmination of a five decade long revolution by stealth led by our elites - the muppets.
It's going to be just another off the shelf universal state, of a kind which has failed time and time and time again. They don't get this. It can't last, which means it won't last. Its doom is sealed the moment it either elects or pronounces a President. Many things now fall into place.
The sincerity of a man's conversion to Catholicism should never be questioned - but one just can't help but wonder whether Tony Blair's might just have been motivated, ever so slightly, by the thought of how all those Catholic voters in southern Europe might react to the prospect of a Protestant president.
It seems to be in the nature of European revolutions to de-christianise. The Star-Spangled Napkin which is the European Union's flag is quite literally emblematic of this tendency; thank God Chesterton didn't live to see it, because he'd have immediately recognised the circle of stars as just another of those wheels which symbolise Asian religions, always going round and round in circles, never going anywhere.
Unmandated pan-Europeanism is just that - unmandated, which makes it a dead duck, a dodo, a Norwegian Blue. Instead of realising that they needed goodwill, the revolutionaries have done everything they could to spurn goodwill. This means it will fail. All revolutions are driven by intellectuals - yet this is the first which the intellectuals have pulled off on their own, without the necessity of thugs doing their bidding in the streets. Subtly, they have turned the police into a 'shirt movement', presided over the expansion of police powers and assaulted civil liberties instead. Various means, same ends, different uniforms, common purpose.
Yet turning the agents of the state into their own mob has always had the capacity to backfire on them spectacularly. When the end comes, it will be without a shot fired, and not a bone broken. The identikit muppets who have thought all of this up and who think themselves so clever and superior will be betrayed by their own incompetence, and their sublime project will go down like a house of cards.


Blogger PJMULVEY said...

Having just spent a week in multicultural London among the secular godless, the politically aimless intermixed with a menagerie of immigrants, I have seen the European future. However, I scratch my head wondering how this new superstate will ever be successful. We have our regional differences in the states but nothing compared to the innate prejudices of a 1,000 years between the various nationalities to say nothing of a country like Belgium where the French and Flemish hate each others guts. The only hope for success of a an EU superstate is one based upon Christ and his laws....."seek first the kingdom of heaven". Socialism ignores original sin and presupposes an ideal future if only the the 'proper' economic and social structures can be imposed to bring about an ideal future for the masses while the elites and plutocracy rule, prosper and party. The EU is a modern House of Babel and the final stealth coup d' etat of a 250 year old evil project and it may not begin in the bloodshed but it will surely end that way.

24 June, 2009 18:23  
Blogger Martin said...

Patrick, we always live in hope.

24 June, 2009 21:27  
Blogger The Young Oligarch said...

I hope you're right , Martin .
I don't see them giving up without a fight , though .

25 June, 2009 01:13  

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