Friday, June 12, 2009

British Freedom

I am currently finishing up Naomi Klein's 'The Shock Doctrine', a book to which I am now attached for intellectual as well as sentimental reasons.
Ms. Klein's case, that there now exists what she labels a 'disaster capitalism complex' which seeks elite gain from human misery, and indeed at times seeks to inflict misery for no purpose other than to provide the elite with opportunities for gain, is so compelling that I suspect she's right.
It serves its function as polemic very well - you get angry reading it. It is quite clear that those who run the world at this point have not the slightest shred of compassion for those they consider to be inferior to themselves; I no longer find it difficult to imagine that unless there is a very significant change in attitudes over the next 20 years, within my lifetime the British state will reach the Nirvana to which the British elites have always lurched, the complete and violent enslavement of the people, the rich being able to kill the poor in plain sight and without fear of penalty.
This is the freedom many of the British elite craves; to take an open razor to their neighbour's throat in good conscience, preferably from behind and when he's on his knees, and in full confidence of their superiority.
The English language as spoken in the United Kingdom oozes hatred. The terms 'chav', 'ned' and 'underclass' are merely re-workings of the language that the elites used to describe organised labour in the 1920's; if nothing else, calling your opponents 'scum' and 'vermin' was more honest.
Freedom is what they say it is, not what you might like it to be. Freedom is for them, not for you.


Blogger James Higham said...

elite gain from human misery


12 June, 2009 13:40  
Blogger Joana Morais said...

Great post, and scary too.

08 July, 2009 20:50  

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