Friday, June 26, 2009

16th March 1998

"To ask the Prime Minister which members of his Government have attended meetings of the Bilderberg Group. "
On 16th March 1998, Blair issued a 'holding answer' - 'None'.
This answer is not compatible with the first paragraph of the Parliamentary Commissioner Standards' memorandum to be found here, which reads in full as follows -
"Mrs Lynn Riley, of Chepstow, Monmouthshire, wrote on 28 February 1997 to a Member of the House, alleging that Mr Kenneth Clarke MP had failed to register `the free trip and accommodation he received from the Bilderberg Group ... unlike Tony Blair who attended the same meeting'. She enclosed a letter from Mr Clarke dated 6 September 1995 in which he states that `my recollection is that I paid for my flight but that I was accommodated while I was there'. The Member passed the correspondence on to me."
If Mr. Blair registered 'the free trip and accommodation he received from the Bilderberg Group', why did he deny some years later that he had ever attended any of its meetings?


Blogger PJMULVEY said...

Martin: The silence of the media about these secretive annual meetings of the plutocracy where anyone who is anyone attends (then lies about it afterward)is proof that the evil Luciferian cabal is above any law. Compare all the hoopla about a phony G8 meeting and then compare the coverage to a meeting where the super-rich (Rockefeller, Gates, Buffett), up and coming POTUS and PM's (Obama, Clinton, Blair), media (columnists, editors) ....all get together to debate and decide ??????.

26 June, 2009 20:11  
Blogger Martin said...


What can't go on, doesn't.

27 June, 2009 07:06  
Blogger James Higham said...

Nailed the bastard, Martin.

27 June, 2009 09:08  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, James

29 June, 2009 20:19  

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