Friday, May 15, 2009

A Short Thought On The British National Party's Chances At The Forthcoming Elections To The European Parliament

As far as the BNP goes, to my mind the concept of body, blood, soul and divinity beats the BNP's 'blood and soil' nationalism every time.
For blood and soil always ends up soiled. And bloody.
If the British political class contained serious people, it would have neutralised the BNP by taking it on on its own terms (a course of action I suggested, oh, only three years ago now), instead of shielding their faces from it and wishing it away before the cheeseboard comes out. If you ignore a party, you ignore the people; you ignore the people for long enough, they'll start ignoring you. This is precisely what's happening today.
If people of goodwill are serious about stopping the BNP, then, well, I would suggest a course of action that for many would be radical and innovative - they can pray that God's grace will shine on us, and that people will see it for what it is; just another bunch of post-Christian racial nationalists who've dosed out on Dungeons and Dragons and the theories of Vacher de Lapouge. As the commentors on 'Stormfront' with screen names like 'Scourge of Valhalla' might say, By Goomgroth's Jimjads! Prayer? What's that? Who thought that up?
If Margaret Beckett, Theresa May and Menzies Campbell, the three amigos that the mainstream parties rolled out onto 'Question Time' last night like a trio of undead tailors' dummies, are in any way representative of the calibre of the British political class, prayer is our best defence.
There's a very real 'Return Of The King' vibe in the culture right now - the orcs and trolls marching across the Pelennor Fields, banging their drums as they approach the gates of Minas Tirith. They did not win then; they shall not win now. There is always hope.


Blogger Thud said...

As a religious minded,right wing,working class member of a multi cultural family I have to say the BNP will have more than a fight on their hands if they appear near my home.

15 May, 2009 16:02  
Blogger Martin said...


The best way to deal with these people is to ask them if they have read 'The Isles' by Norman Davies.

And if not, to come back when they have.

16 May, 2009 05:11  
Blogger Dan said...

Let's get this straight, the only, or the overriding, reason the two of you oppose the BNP is because you have foreign wives, right?

Hypothetically -- and completely unrealistically, I know -- if the BNP program made an exception for your own family, what would then be your objection?

Martin, your wife's Bulgarian, isn't she? And for that the British people must agree to perish. Because unless some party like the BNP comes to power and succeeds in repatriating or resettling copious numbers of people of foreign stock, the existing British stock will eventually vanish by process of admixture and genetic submergence. If the numbers of foreign stock were smaller, they could perhaps be racially assimilated with minimal diminution. With numbers such as today obtain it's terminal. This is just reality, not hyperbole. It's as real for a communist as it is for a "blood and soil" nationalist.

But what good can come of it? If we don't think it's a good thing and if we don't like "hardcore" racial nationalism aren't we better off searching for some sort of preservationist formula that manages to take into account the dignity and legitimate concerns of individuals?

26 May, 2009 09:49  
Blogger Martin said...

Stock is something you put into soup.

You can buy it from Tesco. In cubes.

26 May, 2009 21:11  

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