Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Resignation Of Michael Martin

May the Labour Party in the west of Scotland be damned, all its edifices pulled down, and salt sown where they stood.


Blogger David Lindsay said...

Michael Martin is everything that New Labourites of all parties disdain.

Economically left-wing in a totally non-Marxist way - Catholic, AUEW/AEEU/AEU, erstwhile PPS to Denis Healey. Morally and socially conservative. Orthodox Catholic. Working-class.

From the Heartland (the Midlands, the North, the Scottish Lowlands, Wales in general and South Wales in particular) that is now infuriating them even further by returning to economic pre-eminence.

Committed to traditional parliamentary procedures and to the purposes behind them, rather than willing to obey any order bellowed from the New Toffs on the Government front bench or the Old Toffs on the Opposition one.

Undoubtedly very sceptical about European federalism within American hegemony and globalisation on the one hand. And undoubtedly very sceptical about the break-up of the United Kingdom into bits all the more easily handed over to the European superstate, the American hyperpower and global capital, on the other hand; no one is more Unionist that Scots Catholics (or Welsh Catholics, or English Catholics even if they do not yet realise it), who have no more desire to go down the road of who is or is not "really" Scots (or "really" Welsh, or "really" English) than Ulster Protestants have to go down the road of who is or is not "really" Irish.

Now that he is gone, is this the end for everyone who is any one or more of economically left-wing in that totally non-Marxist way, morally and socially conservative, orthodox Catholic, working-class, from the Heartland, committed to traditional parliamentary procedures and to the purposes behind them, and sceptical about European federalism on the one hand and the break-up of the United Kingdom on the other, all of these having become absolute disqualifications from preferment or even first-time selection in any of the parties?

It must not be. The denominational thing is negotiable, although there does have to be something. But none of the others is. The next Speaker must be like that.

20 May, 2009 18:02  
Blogger Martin said...


Without wishing wishing to seem tart, to my mind he also fits Napoleon's description of Talleyrand to a tee.

I know my own...

20 May, 2009 21:17  

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