Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Holy Father In The Holy Land

Didn't see this on the BBC last night.
I wouldn't have gentle Ben's job for all the money in the world. Pray for him; I will breathe a bit more easily when he's back home.


Blogger Martin Meenagh said...

Every time I read of or hear from the Holy father I admire him a little more. I hadn't heard him called 'gentle ben' before, but I do like that. He has an extraordinarily strong and agile mind.

The piece you mention is just below consideration--I think that I'm right in saying that there is a factual innacurracy in every paragraph bar two, which vary the tone by reflecting logical confusion.

All the best, Martin

12 May, 2009 12:11  
Blogger Recusant said...

Neil Clark is no friend, but a deeply unattractive and mendacious Stalinist, and apologist for Slobodan Milosevic. The only reason he is saying a word in favour of the Holy Father is because it is Stephen Pollard who is doing the attacking: Pollard and Oliver Kamm being his two most prominent hate figures.

12 May, 2009 14:24  
Blogger Martin said...


Thank you, and all the best to you as well.


I have some idea of Neil's political beliefs - I can assure you I don't agree with many of them.

Yet whenever I have written things he has agreed with, Neil has always been kind and gracious; it would be churlish and, for what my opinion's worth, un-Christian not to do likewise. If you can't extend the hand of understanding and civility to people you don't agree with, what hope is there for the world? What hope would there be that The Civiliation of Truth and Love could ever come into being?

13 May, 2009 05:56  
Blogger Neil Clark said...

I'm rather bewildered by Recusant's comments.
Can he perhaps provide an example of me expressing any support for Stalin or Stalinism?

re Pollard and Kamm, it's that unsavoury pair who do the hating.
Until this week I hadn't mentioned either on my blog for a year or so; that still hasn't stopped them launching personal attacks on me on a regular basis.

If Recusant was a tad more familiar with my writings he would know that as a leftist, I have long called for the left to drop its hostility to the Catholic Chruch and to the Pope. The Vatican is an ally in the battle against money power and globalisation. In 2003 I wrote:
"Far from being an enemy, the Catholic Church is an ally of all who oppose the tyranny of neoliberal globalisation and the cult of materialism it engenders. It is also the ally of those who oppose war. The Vatican stands for peace now, as resolutely as it did 12 years ago in the first Gulf war and in 1999 over Yugoslavia".

So you see my views on the Vatican are not shaped by a reaction to certain articles publisehd in The Times.

Martin: thank you for your kind words. You are a gracious man. Unfortunately there a quite a few ungracious souls in the blogosphere.

13 May, 2009 15:04  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, Neil

14 May, 2009 06:35  

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