Monday, May 04, 2009

Finishing Up The Spring Clean

While capable of being very witty and entertaining, John Zmirak can be too pessimistic.
A quick reflection from popular culture on the life and career of Henry VIII - 'What I am not given, I shall take!': Joey Zasa (Joe Mantegna), 'The Godfather: Part III'.
Just as mean spirited British atheists aim to be the scourge and torment of the dying, Scottish civic nationalists aspire to be the scourge of the sick. The idea that the hospitalised sick and their visitors should be charged the price of a cup of tea is the type of trash that only a sick civilisation conditioned to worship money as its god, as Scotland does, could produce. To paraphrase Clint Eastwood, they sure reformed the hell out of us.
Just as there is no voting in Heaven, there is no lobbying in Hell.
I am troubed as to whether asking the question 'Can a country be reborn?' can be considered blasphemy. Countries are not born, but coagulate. Once dead, they cannot be resurrected; every attempt to do so results in violence. Even asking the question seems to infuse the nation state with an almost divine aura which it most certainly does not deserve.
A brother might seem to be in need of prayers for healing. Catastrophic mid-life crises can affect anyone. One can only hope he ends this folly.
Just as one can only hope this story is true.
Neil Clark has posted a piece of criticism with which it is hard to disagree.
It is difficult to imagine Australia ever turning into the Prussia of the Pacific.
Having written extensively, indeed almost exclusively, about immigration at some points in the past, the nature of the changes I have undergone over the last three years have been making me rethink many past positions.
And then one reads Austen Ivereigh calling for an amnesty for illegals; one does not switch back to default immediately, but it's definitely two steps forward, one step back. Mr. Ivereigh has a history of litigiousness, so one should be careful what one says - but I am gravely disturbed about the Catholic Church being identified with any policy or group that could be said to condone lawbreaking, or seek reward for it.
David Lindsay has posted an admirable analysis of Baroness Thatcher and her career, with which one fully agrees.
The Church in Kerala faces the double whammy of Hindu nationalism; and Marxism. According to Private Eye, Issue 1235, Mass intentions made in the West are outsourced to India for performance. In the past, one would have seen this as being offensive; now, it invokes nothing but shame. That our poor persecuted brothers and sisters in India make the effort to pray for us - for us, of all unworthy people - makes one realise how little one has ever done for them. That's going to change. My late and much beloved maiden great aunt was a huge supporter of the Indian missions; and that was not forgotten, for her funeral was concelebrated by an Indian priest who happened to be staying in St. Peter's, Partick, in January 2007. Hopefully that good and faithful servant is now getting her reward for a long lifetime's simple devotion; may the souls she helped bring to Christ and who are now suffering persecution and martyrdom enjoy the same rest.
Yesterday was Vocations Sunday; another worthy cause to support.
Lastly, the ever kind and gracious PJ Mulvey has been on fire recently. Patrick's analysis of just what ails Mexico is bang on the money. It should not be forgotten that the martyrmaker Plutarco Calles was advised by the Polish shadow man Joseph Retinger - an historical figure crying out for a no holds barred biography.


Blogger PJMULVEY said...

Martin...Thank you for the kind and supporting words. We are all fighting the same battle against a vicious foe with the all powerful Word on different fronts. God bless, Patrick

04 May, 2009 15:39  
Blogger Martin said...

You're very welcome, Patrick.

04 May, 2009 20:34  

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