Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Brief Reflection On Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Two days ago, a dangerous and subversive thought bubbled to the front of my mind while listening to Lord Steel of Aikwood reboot into his default mode of rotund elder statesmanship when discussing nuclear submarines on 'Question Time'.
The number of people who have ever actually been killed by nuclear weapons is the tiniest fraction of those who have been killed as a result of Lord Steel's Abortion Act of 1967. Accordingly, The Abortion Act of 1967 ought to be considered the only weapon of mass destruction ever used on the British people.
Of course, the value of that analysis depends on what one considers to be a weapon of mass destruction. It also depends on what one considers to be life; the kind of question to which one can't really expect answers from ambitious young MP's, no matter how much confidence they might have in the value of their doggedly juvenile opinions.
Abortion involves the infliction of violent death, so it's perfectly natural to believe that a child being murdered in this way feels pain; yet one wonders if they also feel horror. One thinks of the horror Tolkien gave to the Dwarves trapped in the Mines of Moria - 'We cannot get out...They are coming...' - and one wonders if a child whose environment is being invaded so that they can be murdered feels something similar.
One also wonders if Lord Steel has ever quietly reflected on the law with which his name will be forever linked, and said, "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."
Anyone have any idea what the body count's standing at these days? To my shame, I stopped noticing when it was about three million. I guess Stalin was right about statistics.


Blogger Laban said...

It's currently running at about 200K pa in England and Wales, which is pretty much a record total. So lets multiply 150K by 42 which would give 6.3 million for E&W alone.

In fact it took a few years for the industry to get going, so there weren't six-figure numbers in the early years. But I'd imagine six million would be there or thereabouts if you included Scotland.

13 May, 2009 21:04  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, Laban.

Six million...God have mercy on us.

14 May, 2009 06:30  

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