Thursday, April 09, 2009

Some Thoughts On The Death Of Ian Tomlinson

The first was 'Raus!'
The second was 'Schnell!'
I have appended some comments to the article linked to above. It is not cynical to suggest that the policeman who struck Mr. Tomlinson would never have come forward had he not been caught on camera. I may have missed it, but the lack of public sympathy for Mr. Tomlinson's family from any political figure has been disgusting. None of our radical barristers and professional civil libertarians seem to have expressed any outrage - so remind me, just what is the point of Shami Chakrabarti? Political worship of the police has resulted in arrogance bred from over-edification, over-resourcing and over-rating. For this, those elements within the Conservative Party who are little more than psychopathic bullies, publicly stating their desire for 'young thugs' to be 'birched' and to receive short, sharp shocks, are largely to blame.


Blogger The Young Oligarch said...

You are correct about the silence of the usual suspects on this matter , Martin . To be fair to Shami she did appear on Channel 4 News at the time expressing outrage , however .

I don't agree with you on corporal punishment , though . I once met a man in Lanark who had been birched for breaking windows as a youth . He never did anything bad again and fully supported a return of that punishment .

Don't see how that makes him a "psychopathic thug".

10 April, 2009 13:02  
Blogger Martin said...

Young Oligarch,

I've spent a bit of time today, Good Friday, thinking about a bloke who was once unjustly whipped...I, er, rest my case...

So the Shamster made it on to the goggle box...well and good. At times like those, expressing outrage on the Channel 4 News is pretty much part of her job description. Seems to be a marked paucity of press quotes, though..

10 April, 2009 17:02  
Blogger The Young Oligarch said...

I wasn't trying to get at you , Martin , nor would I .
I was merely expressing my support .
Sorry I misquoted you , however . You did not say "thug".

I happen to agree with harsh sentences for criminals , including corporal and capital punishment . Many people agree with me and we are not psychopaths .

Mr.Tomlinson was not a criminal . The out-of-control policemen who beat him for no good reason may very well be . I know what should happen to them .

But you are , as always , right about the deeper truths of life-
"..and on the third day He rose..".
Have a good Easter .

I hope you and your family enjoy the holiday.

11 April, 2009 06:18  
Blogger Martin said...

Young Oligarch,

Thank you for the kind words - and a very happy Easter to you and yours as well.

Violence does nothing but beget violence. Where I am prepared to go more than halfway with you is that the troupe of schmucks called 'The People' have never had any say on how they wish criminals to be treated. Nineteenth century penology was, without doubt, viciously cruel, the product of Jeremy Bentham's twisted utlitarianism. This was a a top-down, imposed system which took its validity from the economic orthodoxies of its day. However, as in all things, the pendulum has perhaps swung too far the other way.

It is unjust and undemocratic that the death penalty was to all intents and purposes abolished by the tyranny of the Parliamentary free vote, and a referendum should be held on its restitution. However, in the event of such a referendum being held, I would be campaigning firmly against.

11 April, 2009 07:39  

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