Sunday, April 19, 2009


At one time or other, all of the links posted herein could have formed the bases of searing 2,000 word analyses of affairs; alas, lack of inclination means they have to be disposed of by way of witty aphorisms and smart neo-Chestertonian one-liners. They have just got to go.
It will not be long before persons and ideas are banned in Scotland; everything else seems to be. Pace Orwell, the soi-disant, ersatz 'Scottish Government's' vision for the nation seems to be that of a well-strung highland-dancing shoe stamping on a human face forever, to the tune of 'Strip the Willow'.
As a heavy smoker and obsessive-compulsive, I am beginning to see the snuff images of diseased flesh that New Labour has decreed should be carried on cigarette packets in my sleep, and am thinking of instructing solicitors to sue them for the effect they are having on my equilibrium. Now, that really would set the cat amongst the pigeons.
Nearer home, just how dangerous many Members of the Scottish Parliament really are has been illustrated by their suggestion that Fred Goodwin be pursued under anti-terrorism laws. Goodwin gives every impression of being a shark, albeit one of a slightly higher calibre than most - but a terrorist? Gie's a break.
If G20 good for leaders are 'good for nothing', the question, 'What are those who write about them good for?' springs to mind.
The 24 hour economy will only come into being when the human body is able to go without sleep. Until then, let's just work 9 to 5, and may productivity and growth be damned.
Eamonn Forde does a Niall Ferguson; in Mr. Forde's case, the name of the relevant condition is 'ERSE'.
All allegedly conservative rhetoric in favour of 'the small state' is nothing but intellectual justification for the financial rape of the poor by the elites.
It is difficult to see any normative differences between pay freezes and reduced working hours caused by aggressive unions, and pay freezes and reduced working caused by the greed of bankers. Someone enlighten me.
The men of business are going out of business. Alas! they didn't do protectionism and special pleading - skills in which journalists are well-versed.
And I give up - way too many to get through. Blogging might be light for a few days, trying to get rid of them.


Blogger Thud said...

Please sue them! versus the elf and safety crew would be entertaining.

19 April, 2009 21:56  

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