Wednesday, April 22, 2009


If anger was ever properly understood as being another manifestation of the sin of pride, the psychotherapy industry would go out of business overnight.
Professional angry people, such as newspaper columnists, consumer rights activists and many civil libertarians, specialise in industrial grade pride. When you are so full of pride and anger that you will kill yourself rather than admit you made a mistake, you are in a bad way.
'Pride management' would be a rather more effective form of therapy than 'anger management' ever will be.
The pimply prats who spout the virtues of Ayn Rand really should read Murray Rothbard's 8,000 word evisceration of this nasty woman and her personal cult; if they can read any kind of language other than Text-speak. They are the best kind of drones; the drones so indoctrinated into their dronehood that they actually believe themselves to be free.
It is astonishing how much effort goes into writing boilerplate about material choice. Consuming product is not living, although you'd never know it from the newspapers.
But life can become product to be consumed. The best use to which the flesh of murdered infants can apparently be put is as a cure for baldness. Hope is a duty; but sometimes it's difficult.


Blogger Martin Meenagh said...

Hi Martin. I came across that baldness story too, and was shocked by it; but I remain in hope that scientists are beginning to see through the stem cell programme in sufficient numbers to isolate those who promote it.

As for Ayn Rand, well, you should see the sort of things that headed my way when I dared to ruminate on the sociopathic and destructive associations that cult had for me the other day! You're bang-on right about anger being a function of pride, too.

Keep your chin up. You and I and Christ and the truth are alive, at least.

22 April, 2009 10:23  
Blogger Thud said...

Reading 'Atlas' was quite interesting and I can see why some people view it as some sort of roadmap to a brighter future...just not for me although I do find resonance with much of it.

22 April, 2009 16:42  
Blogger Richard said...

Read Rand again, Kelly and his commenters never grasped what she said. What has been written has nothing to do with her.

Search the AynRandInstitute to find what is relevant to the (false) claims and arguments you relate. Read more than just her fiction too. Her non-fiction explicates what readers of Atlas may not have grasped... a common error by those who do not read very deeply —a failure academia leads one to perpetrate via having one's mind made up before considering what they read.

23 April, 2009 19:09  
Blogger Martin said...

That's Mr. Kelly to you, O Randian Canuckistani rabies person.

23 April, 2009 20:25  
Blogger Richard said...

Mr. Kelly,

I AM SO Canuckistani, but our rabies migrated from the United Socialist States of America.

Oh yes, due to lack of jobs & spiceless burritos in the USSR, illegal immigrants are sneaking (back) to Mexico. Rabies to follow suit.

Eat tea.

23 April, 2009 22:13  
Blogger Martin said...

Well, Richard, it's been very nice talking to you.

24 April, 2009 06:34  

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