Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good News!

Anyone interested in good prose just for its own sake should savour the things of beauty which are A.A. Gill's TV reviews.
There are three prose writers I wish I could write like; GK Chesterton, Mark Shea - and Adrian Gill. Sir, I doff my cap.


Blogger Thud said...

His style is outstanding though ruined for me by his liberalism and sneering snobbery.

28 April, 2009 14:01  
Blogger Martin said...


He is a liberal snob, for sure - but certianly just about the most amusing liberal snob there is.

29 April, 2009 06:04  
Blogger Thud said...

He is indeed a grand read.

29 April, 2009 19:12  

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