Friday, March 20, 2009

Lost In Translation

A woman named Jill Rutter has published an editorial in today's 'Guardian' entitled 'Don't forget – we need immigration'.
With 2 million people officially out of work, expanding the labour force shouldn't really be a matter of top priority. With the employment services in the Western Isles now reporting that there are up to 40 applicants for every vacancy, the very idea that there ever were jobs that the British couldn't or wouldn't do becomes ever more incredible.
But readers of this blog knew that anyway; not that you'd ever know that if all you were ever read were the effusions of columnists for 'The Times' who are married to journalists at 'The Daily Mail' whose brothers are Tory MP's. Got that? There are occasions when the web of relationships at the top of the British Establishment seems positively Oriental. It seems to generate the kind of genealogies that only a Hobbit would have the patience to record.
One would love to see how such persons as that 'Times' columnist would fare standing in line to apply for a minimum wage job, or trying to claim Incapacity Benefit.
However, Miss Rutter mutters that,
"There are some public services that migrants use disproportionately. Young migrants tend to be greater users of services used by similar age groups among the general population, for example sexual health and maternity services. Migrants also require translation and interpreting services and English language classes."
The provision of translation services is one thing - whether or not they are actually used is, well, quite another.


Blogger Shlomo said...

Absolutely dotty, Martin.

The usual tired cliches were recycled by a few in the comments, but on the whole, booooo! I guess there's only so much prattling you can take, even if you're subjected to it day in day out at the Grauniad.

Simon Jenkins writes fine prose, but I can't help feeling he's a little presumptuous with regards Dubai's future...rather like those currently excited by the prospect of the EU going belly-up (inshallah!).

Promising stuff of late, do hope you're in fine fettle...pax vobiscum

20 March, 2009 10:00  
Blogger Martin said...

Te quoque.

20 March, 2009 21:03  

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