Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A First Class Stamp

The wannabe Internet censor Andy Burnham's wackadoo plan to turn 'under-used' churches into gyms and pantheist temples called 'multi-faith centres' has taken an even wierder turn - he thinks they should be turned into Post Offices.
That this is a first class stamp on Christianity doesn't seem to have occurred to Mr. Burnham. A now little read set of documents called the New Testament records quite vividly just what Our Lord Jesus Christ did to the guys who were operating a bureau de change in the Temple. It also doesn't seem to have occurred to him that it's also a first class stamp on those postal workers whose livelihoods are threatened by The Pillage Of The Post Office.
One of the legalisms used to justify Fred Goodwin's retention of his pension is that he enjoys 'sanctity of contract'. This is a principle with which one agrees entirely - Goodwin could only be stripped of his pension by legal means which would have grave implications for the rest of us. No item of private property would be safe from confiscation by diktat. Yet one would have thought that if loser bank bosses' piggy contracts are sacred, so too are those of postmen. However, the sanctity of a postman's contract seems as fluid a concept as the intellectually irreconcilable contentions that the only way a loser bank run into the ground by a loser can be saved is by its nationalisation, and the only way that a national institution operating at a profit can be saved is by its privatisation. Does not compute.
And opening sub-Post Offices in churches is probably taking the principle of 'sanctity of contract' a step too far. It would turn the buildings in which they are housed into sub-churches.


Blogger Martin Meenagh said...

I couldn't agree more; but is there now anything these people might suggest that would shock anyone?

I was once a Labour member, and, in a minor way, a candidate for a council. Never again.

25 March, 2009 08:55  
Blogger Martin said...


I know you don't much rate Pat Buchanan, but he does have a saying that seems to describe your eperience, and forgive me if I'm wrong.

You did not leave your party. Your party left you.

It's a pity that just when the country has never needed a Labour Party more, it doesn't seem to have one.

26 March, 2009 04:10  

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