Monday, March 16, 2009

Civil Liberties

Our police have too much power.
The comments of Allyn Thomas, Kent's Assistant Chief Constable, are quite chilling -
"By seizing items which could be used to commit a crime we were able to ensure criminal acts were not carried out and more importantly no one was injured by some of the items which potentially could have been used to harm others."
Has it just become illegal to keep a hammer in your own home? In the deadly arts of hand-to-hand urban combat, there is no more vicious weapon. Virtually any item can be 'used to commit a crime'; the commission of crimes has always been one of the most fertile areas of human creativity. Can any item be seized from you at any time on the basis that it 'might' be used to commit a crime?
Have the right to hold private property and the presumption of innocence both just been abolished without anyone noticing?


Blogger James Higham said...

Yes, it's really reached a ridiculous stage and is tantamount to bullying now.

16 March, 2009 12:51  

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