Thursday, February 26, 2009


Time to clear out the favourites list.
The comments attached to this thread, and this one as well, provide the eternal truth of the maxim that the Internet is rank with weirdos. Such comments serve only to fuel the paranoia of wannabe censors who regard the Internet as a 'beast'.
In foreign criminals news, we have a wonderful collection of pilgrims in Rogel McMorris and Hector Muaimba, Noe Machado, Kristoff Emmanuel Alauya, Paulo Jorge Nogueira da Silva, Paolo Parracho and Vikas Dundage. The UK does not have a problem with foreigner-perpetrated crime. Move along now. Nothing to see here.
By suggesting the possibility that the 'right to die' can become a 'duty to die', Wesley Smith sets himself up for a needle in the arm. The man is quite clearly a malcontent, for as is well-known, God wears a white coat; and for laying hands upon the sick without latex gloves, His Son should have been up before the GMC for failing to adhere to appropriate infection control procedures. Having raised Lazarus from the dead, it was entirely reckless to expose him to the risk of MRSA.
An article by Noreena Hertz has prompted the question 'Who's Noreena Hertz?'. By the looks of it, just another Shami Chakrabarti - an insider Establishment radical.
'Nihil Humani Me Alienum' is the motto of the Law Society of Scotland. Just as well, because while Scotland's Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill has been eating Burns Suppers with the kind of disdain that helped ignite the French Revolution, his department will keep your DNA for life for driving through a red light, Eilish Angiolini is helping establish a 'European network of prosecutors, and we're having a review into double jeopardy. I don't suppose that the elevation of the avian in the ascendant to those parts of the Scottish legal Establishment who think that trying people for the same crime again and again and again is a good thing would stop them - do you?
A free and independent Scotland - a country where justice would be in the hands of a disturber of the peace who just can't leave ancient liberties alone. But he's in tight with Alex Salmond, so that makes it all OK. Or not. Never mind that the judges are publicly expressing fears for their independence under MacAskill - Scots Wha' Hae!
In what might be an act of state censorship, BBC Scotland failed to acknowledge MacAskill's absence from a conference on the depressing topic of knife crime. Billy Connolly's comments about Scots with surnames as first names spring to mind.
Like Hazel Blears, Beatrix Campbell reminds one why the 'evil dwarf' is a stock character in the mythologies of Europe.
I came across a quote yesterday which is allegedly attributable to Jack Straw - "The British are a race not worth saving". This is politically explosive. If untrue, it's a grotesque libel that Mr. Straw must confront and oppose. If true, then he not only has no business being in government; he has no business being in Parliament, indeed, he should be feeling the attentions of the law.
Any reader have any idea where and when he was supposed to have said it?
The words 'Muslim cleric' and 'Australia' don't seem to sit naturally together. One can see why.
In other Religion of Peace news, Cardinal Jose Policarpo has uttered what might perhaps be words of wisdom.
Stealing pages out of rare books is one of those obsessively oddball crimes, like stealing rare birds' eggs', the perpetrators of which might automatically be assumed to be wackos.
Barack Obama's stepmother lives in a council house in Bracknell.
While the retiring Archbishop of Westminster might think economic dislocation to be a good thing on one level, I do not recall either he or any of his colleagues saying a word about the implementation of aggessively business friendly labour policies on the British worker.
Plenty more where that came from. However, at this point the diet has to be deserted pro loco et tempore...


Blogger Paulinus said...

The dockworkers in London had a banner bearing the image of Cardianl Manning. I can't see organised labour putting together for a simialr banner bearing the fizzog of HE Cormac Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor

Cardinal Manning banner.

26 February, 2009 13:31  
Blogger Martin said...

Indeed they did, Paulinus; and having finished reading 'Eminent Victorians' just a couple of weeks ago, I'm kicking myself for not having made the connection.

26 February, 2009 15:09  

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