Monday, February 16, 2009

The Last Days Of Pompeii

The speed with which bushfires tore through Australian homes, and Man's inability to cope with Nature when it turns on him, seems reminiscent of the fate of Pompeii.
We now live in a world where law serves no purpose other than coercion, and ersatz states seem on the point of coming crashing down. The Pompeiians had no chance to negotiate with Vesuvuius - perhaps it would be better if we did not try to manage the current financial crisis and let it take its course. What may be being seen is a re-ordering of events, a restoration of some kind of natural equilibrium which always happens in the wake of natural disasters. How we cope with it is up to us.


Blogger PJMULVEY said...

Martin: Slow decay and/or cataclysm happens to all civilizations. Like the populace of Pompeii our society has received prior warnings that we have chosen to ignore at our own peril. Rest assured, the politicians will make this bad financial situation only worse. Patrick

16 February, 2009 17:24  

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