Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Random Thought On Climate Change

I don't care. I just really, really don't care.
What I care about is the lights staying on. If the lights ever start going out, those responsible for allowing such a state of affairs to develop had better have an escape plan; for in advanced societies, electricity is the new bread - and the absence of bread brings thoughts of revolution.


Blogger Paulinus said...

But Martin, surely you know it's all about how much you care?

19 January, 2009 00:46  
Blogger Martin said...



I like the bit about the snowplough; very Eliot Ness in its own way. It's always to see a riot policeman with touch of panache.

19 January, 2009 05:29  
Blogger David Lindsay said...

Well, whether or not one would quite go along with the first paragraph, the second is spot on.

Furthermore, we can and must accept bo excuse to arrest or reverse economic development in the poor world, or to prevent the restoration of proper working-class (especially male) employment in the developed world, and to re-restrict travel to the rich.

19 January, 2009 15:46  
Blogger Martin said...


Quite right.

19 January, 2009 21:25  

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