Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Creative Minority Of One

Having once been enthusiastically involved in amateur dramatics, indeed having met my wife through a drama group, it's with great pleasure (and not a little envy) that one discovers that Mark Shea is not just an extremely prolific and insightful blogger and journalist, but also an actor; and a very good one at that. Technically, he's a very good accent man, a skill which you either have or don't no matter what the dialogue coaches say, and his frame gives him a powerful screen presence; physically, he's a cross between Brendan Gleeson and, going from the sublime to the ridiculous, Ford Kiernan.
The way in which God distributes talent is a wonderful mystery. For once, it's a pleasure to see one to whom He has given an abundance of the stuff using it in His service.


Blogger ScotsToryB said...


'Tis your blog: your rules.

Can I ask that as and when you wish to do a wee bitty proselytising(as is your unencumbered Christian right and duty)you put up a wee warning?

Just for those of us who went through the process, like yourself, but otherwise enjoyed your blogging without the preaching, know when to switch off?


You make so many decent points but I do not relish the wading through of the capital H's, G's (and I cannot be bothered doing the rhetorical third capitalisation) of your religion to agree/disagree with your point.

Please just say 'this will end with a truth unbeknown to you but brought to me via HeyZeus' or any other god that you as a history student knows to exist.

I am not sorry to sound unamused by your recent posts proclaiming the lord: I am bored by them.

You normally do a good job declaiming pretentious idiots but you are in danger of losing your fanclub.


p.s. Before you deride me again as a Friday night Glaswegian putdown merchant you might think of posting my rebuttal of said.


15 January, 2009 19:32  
Blogger Martin said...


As grateful as I am for your praise, I made it quite clear several months ago that the focus of the blog would be changing. My apologies if I have ever bored you; if I no longer provide the type of stimulation you prefer, I would suggest you look elsewhere.

16 January, 2009 05:10  

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