Sunday, January 27, 2008

British Fascism Revisited

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The Friends Of Ireland

One wonders whether the 'Friends of Ireland' who marched through Glasgow to remember Bloody Sunday would join a similar march in honour of Captain Robert Nairac - a Roman Catholic abducted and murdered by the Provisional IRA who, before his death, requested a priest, and got an IRA impostor instead.
The Scotch fools in the 'Friends of Ireland' disgust me. I hope none of them are so brazen as to claim the British Empire's dole.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bits And Pieces

The stunning resemblance that he bore to a schoolfriend notwithstanding, I always liked watching Heath Ledger. He was a very versatile and talented performer, and, according to his obituary in the 'Daily Telegraph, a talented sportsman and chess player as well.
As a self-confessed admirer of Pat Buchanan's, one sometimes wonders why The Old Right does not carry greater weight in affairs than it does; then you read pieces like Fleming's, and it all slips into place.
Organised medicine, the guys who get paid to prescribe pills, really must get its head round the idea that men seem to be at their most psychologically and emotionally vulnerable when in their late '20's. However Mr. Ledger ended up losing his life, if his high-profile passing means that even a few more resources are directed to this horrible problem then perhaps he won't have died meaninglessly.
The faux pas of the week has been made by Anatole Kaletsky, for writing that,
"Businesses driven by the profit motive have a natural bias to try to create wealth, rather than destroy it – and they elect governments to support, rather than sabotage, this process. "
If he hadn't already been reported to be a three-time Bilderberger, his gaffe that businesses elect governments would have been funny.
In other Bilderberg matters, I came across this old 'Telegraph' report that Ed Balls charged his trip to Bilderberg 2006 in Ottawa to the taxpayer. There is, of course, no record in the public domain of Balls having attended Bilderbergs 2001, 2002 and 2003 - after all, I made a request for this data under the Freedom of Information Act, and was told that no records existed.
The Telegraph's report is interesting, because it reports that
"...a Treasury spokesman said Mr Balls had attended "in his capacity as a minister" and confirmed that all expenses had been met from public funds."
The basis of my request concerning the visits he is alleged to have during those years was that Bilderberg is not a body to which the UK is bound by any treaty, statute or protocol; it is an entirely private, non-governmental body excluded from public audit with the apparent consent of the media; and at those times Balls was a civil servant.
The question now is - what business does a minister of the British Crown have going to such a meeting, which can't be publicly reported and on the outcome of which we are told absolutely nothing depends, in an official capacity? And why was George Osborne, a political opponent, also reported to be in attendance?
Looks like a new word may have entered the vocabulary of les aristos at the top of Societe-Generale - merde!
I do hope that HRH The Prince of Wales is OK with BBC Scotland downgrading him to 'The Duke of Rothesay'. If I didn't know better, I'd think that somebody's deeply held Scottish nationalist prejudices are getting an airing, like an old sock or a stinking mattress...or else elements within Scotland's incestuous media-political village are jockeying and maneuvering, hedging their bets in the event of separation someday being achieved...perish the thought...
According to the EU, the Russians can have any political movements they like - provided Brussels approves of them first.
Whilst it's heartening to see that epithets such as 'taig', 'hun' and 'jaffa' have been banned by the Police Service of Northern Ireland, one does hope that Ulster's finest are keeping the lid screwed on the province's as yet unreconstructed men (and women) of violence; and it would be interesting to see if the massive rise in the number of rapes in Ulster in recent years in any way correlates to its migration demographics.
An old man wearing expensive spectacles says 'We want to offer sharia law to Britain'; everyone else should say 'No'.
Or something to that effect.
The Daily Telegraph's comment that "(the British) have few resources in these islands beyond our own energy and enterprise" makes one wonder what all the fuss about North Sea oil was about, and why assorted British governments fought assorted battles with the National Union of Mineworkers.
If it had said that 'our business with China' is the business that your average gazelle has with your average lion, then that might have been more accurate.
Do none dare call this treason?
Finally, a few quotes -
"Bon Jovi has recorded a country song, and the barbarians who now control the music industry in Nashville are promoting “country hip-hop.” It is the end of civilisation as we have known it." -
"Not without reason was Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism widely expected to be a bad book."
"Philip Giraldi, the former CIA agent, who writes The American Conservative's gossip column, which is kind of like Liz Smith on a world-historical scale..."
Au revoir...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our Common European Home

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Technical Help

I wonder if anyone knows how to get round all the hidden IP addresses stuff? In the past two days, 'The Black Museum' has had six hits for the same guy from the same IP-address of, which cannot place on the map.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Union, Forever

Iain Macwhirter's piece entitled 'The break-up of the union now appears inevitable' on 'Comment is Free' is easily the funniest thing I've read today.
Members of the Scottish village's media-political elite axis such as Macwhirter seem to forget that the SNP does not form 'The Scottish Government', but a minority Scottish Executive; that Scottish nationalist opinion is not predominant in Scotland; that the bulk of the electorate still votes for Unionist parties; and that time is not 'running out' for the institution that has served us all so well for 301 years. Instead, they forget that time may be running out for Scottish nationalism, and for its vessel the SNP.
You bet.
They forget that the Scottish National Party is not a party but a cult more properly described as The Church of Alex Salmond; that if The Tartanissimo is proven to have feet of clay, all of his fair-weather friends who downgrade the Prince of Wales to the Duke of Rothesay will go running back under the Labour Party's skirts; and that nationalist opinion will collapse at the first whiff of sleaze, or better, incompetence, to be traced back to his door. Salmond has done nothing, and will do nothing, that could not be funded without British financial support; and the sooner that people of goodwill recognise that, the SNP's support will, how can I put it, devolve into a rather gooey, sentimental, probably drunken tartan mess.
Time to sober up, chaps. New Year's long gone, the party's over and now Alex Salmond has to deliver. Whinging won't cut it, whining won't cut it - and I look forward to collating examples of his incompetence throughout the coming year with great anticipation.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Some Thoughts On The Murder Of Benazir Bhutto

On October 20 last year, I wrote a post entitled 'A Queen's Powerplay', concerning the attempted assassination of Benazir Bhutto.
I was wrong, have no problem saying so and, for what they're worth, extend my apologies and condolences to her family.
However, the aftermath of her murder has left me with some questions. For example, have there been any demonstrations in the UK in support of Pakistani democracy by Pakistanis resident here who have been outraged by her murder? If anyone has details, please let me know.
According to Lawrence Auster, the ostensibly Christian Luton blogger 'Lionheart' is being investigated for "(stirring up) Racial Hatred by displaying written material” contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986". Although 'Lionheart' seems quite fevered, perhaps, if they are to be believed, a consequence of having people threaten to kill them, it's not really appropriate to comment further upon the case for the time being.
However, attached to his blog are a number of pictures containing slogans which have been seen when Muslims in the UK have demonstrated. These slogans include 'Muslims in the UK support Taliban'; 'British police go to Hell'; 'Behead those who insult Islam'; and 'Massacre those who insult Islam'.
Just as Paris was worth a Mass, one might have thought that, for all her faults, Benazir would be worth a restrained, discreet candle-lit vigil.