Friday, December 26, 2008

PJ Mulvey On Mexico

"Mexico has been officially at war with God since the early twentieth century revolution which installed a masonic and anticlerical government in power. Although purporting to be populist, its major political parties only serve the corrupt bureaucracies and plutocracy. As is the case with the rest of Latin America, a very small percentage of the population controls almost all the wealth. Poverty and hopelessness are a result of this marriage between the rich and the bureaucrats. Without hope for supporting a family in Mexico, it has propelled millions to leave their cultural and ancestoral homeland to seek their fortune in the United States which has a voracious appetite for cheap labor...
(In) Barrio Logan, generations of economic immigrants or illegal aliens are transplanted in an alien Anglo culture and beset on all sides by the pop culture of the dominant culture in addition to an immoral Hispanic subculture of machismo, novellas and narco-music. Cut off from their cultural and religious roots, these poor people become prey to roving evangelists offering instant salvation with mandatory 10% tithing; drug gangs whose tentacles reach doen even to the primary schools; and thieving landlords who charge outrageous rents for dwellings not better than hovels. No wonder that these people live in an area where Satan roams at will."

Read the whole thing. 'At war with God' - never seen a better way of putting it. Blistering.


Blogger PJMULVEY said...

Martin...thank you very much for the support and encouragement. 'I call it as I see it' to use a popular phrase in America. We live in a society where the poor are defenseless and exploited by the immoral rich (and poor). The post modern zeitgeist extols the seven deadly sins as virtues and this has led to the moral calamity facing western culture. We await new moral renaissance and place our hope in God and His mercy in the meantime. Very best, Patrick

27 December, 2008 02:33  

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