Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Morality Of Preferring Beasts Over Humans

The best place for a dog is a Korean menu.
The BBC reports that the late Dr. Grace Smith, a resident of Alves who died in January 2008 at the age of 85, left almost the whole of her £7 million estate to animal rescue charities.
There is something vaguely disgusting about this. Yes, these animals are God's creatures, and thus deserve to be treated with tenderness and care. Yes - ideological mantra alert - it's her money, and she can do what she likes with it. As someone unburdened by wealth (I keep the telephone number of the Scottish Solicitors' Benevolent Fund inside my well-thumbed copy of 'The Wealth of Nations'; if you've ever contemplated begging for a living, the least you can do is have a laugh about it afterwards), I'll never have her problem; and whatever the late Dr. Smith elected to do with her readies should really be none of my business.
But does the North East of Scotland not possess any hospice where the terminally ill can go to die in peace and which is probably in dire need of financial support? As a female doctor from the generation who were the real feminist trailblazers into the professions, are there now no female medical students who might be in need of bursaries? Does the North East not even have any medieval Kirks in need of a new roof? After all, even Mrs. Jellaby, created as a parody of philanthropy and more interested in the poor of Africa while England's poor starved on her doorstep, could lay a claim to putting the interests of human beings first.


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