Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Thoughts of Stalin On The Current Financial Crisis

"Lenin left us a country, and we shat it away" -
Stalin's apparent reaction to the news of Operation Barbarossa; if memory serves, these words, or a form very like them, are quoted in Sol Shulman's 'Kings of the Kremlin'.
The quote was brought back to mind by seeing just how badly the United Kingdom's finances have been run. We are going down the toilet - for what? What? What was the great ideological goal that justified breaking one of the world's richest nations? What were those in charge thinking? And what were we thinking for electing them? We now have to ask ourselves - indeed should have asked ourselves long before now - were they lying to us all along?
When one mentions the word 'elites', one always runs the risk of being denounced as either hysterical or paranoid; yet just who will come out on top out of all this? My money's on the elites; if the history of the past 20 years is anything to go by, the people won't.
As soon as the Cold War was over, we were frogmarched, without our consent, into a transcontinental simulacrum of a nation state which now exercises more power over us than our native institutions. We did not vote for it; and yet we have it. Those of our youth likely to have higher than average lifetime earning capacities now begin their careers in hock to the state, thanks to the oppression of the state owned Student Loans Company, another creation of the immediate post Cold War period. We did not vote for it; and yet we have it. Those unsuitable for further or higher education have had their earning capacities slashed by mass immigration. We did not vote for it; and yet we have it. A rentier class of public servants, employed specifically in order to advance ideology, has been recruited at ruinous expense, and who will be sheltered from the worst effects of the coming downturn. Working in British public administration now brings the same lifetime security as did membership of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union. We did not vote for this; and yet we got it.
The entire aim of British economic policy since the end of the Cold War seems to have been the beggary and alienation of the people. The impending collapse of the economy - I'm afraid I have little hope that all of this will not end very badly - will be the policy's completion. What has happened in this country since 1989 has not been democratic; it has been Satanic, the result of those with command of affairs placing their faith in a false religion.
It will not be long before Gordon Brown browbeats us with demands for austerity and self-sacrifice. We will be expected to display a fortitude of which many of us are no longer capable in response to a financial crisis which is absolutely and entirely of his making. He thinks that this will be his 'Great Patriotic War'; but he has no resources and no armies with which to fight it. The hollowing out of our manufacturing economy will be as disastrous for our ability to recover as the purges of the Soviet military in the 1930's were to the Russians' abilities to defend themselves in the summer and autumn of '41. In our days, adherence to principles of efficiency became as important to us as adherence to ideological purity was in Stalin's Russia. Every job offshored was as much a loss for us as every political execution was for the Soviets in 1937. Our elites did the same thing to us as Stalin's elites did to the Soviets; they judged us by their standards, found us wanting and purged us in order to strengthen their grip. Like all good Marxists, they have waged class war upon us; now the enemy they courted is at the gates, and we have no 'General Winter' we can rely on for relief.
O Lord and Father in Heaven, spare us from Your wrath in this time of troubles.


Blogger PJMULVEY said...

A contributing trend to your excellent post is the state of education. Here in the USA and as I recently read in the UK, knowledge of graduates in decreasing while expenditures per student go through the roof. Who benefits? The Elites. The populace is dumbed down with politically correct textbooks, ideologically leftist teachers,and mind diverting entertainment (sports, reality shows, etc.). The UK citizen's rights and freedoms are being eroded year by year because they never learned about them in school or from the media in order to appreciate them in the first place. Martin, the socialist New World Order is not coming with a bang but with indifference in an atmosphere of an orgy of self indulgence. The grand experiment in representative government of the Anglo-Americans is slowly swirling down the drain and except for a few conservatives and patriots....no one cares! The elites think that the banking industry is more important than the auto industry. The international financial elites and their political minions have executed a crafty and well planned strategy.

25 November, 2008 19:12  
Blogger Martin said...


They have been executing class war upon us.

25 November, 2008 20:56  
Blogger Martin Meenagh said...

I think that the assault of which you write was built into the mindset of modernism. The creation of a herd of psuedo-nonconformists, instinctively reacting to any discipline with an eyebrow raised by freudian or relativist beliefs is one of the key features of the past 120 years. Sometimes, real philistines and heretics were glorified; more often, bedsit baudelaires preened whilst the economy was placed under the control of financiers and conglomerations that had no interest in decent things.

PJMulvey, like Christopher Lasch, has gone to the heart of the problem. How do you restore education, and the christian-classical mind of the west? How do you convince people that civilisation and freedom are, to an extent, the products of self-discipline, self-repression and the humanities?

And how do you rescue the idea of class from the comedy left?

26 November, 2008 12:51  
Blogger Martin said...

I don't know, Martin.

Perhaps the whole thing has to be broken, and seen to be broken, in order for us to start again.

26 November, 2008 20:55  
Blogger Martin Meenagh said...

I wish there was a way. Gold is heading towards two thousand dollars for a basic measure tonight, and governments are determined to bankrupt themselves in the pursuit of keeping things the way they are. They'll fail. These are very troubled waters Martin; may Mary, Stella Maris, guide us all

26 November, 2008 23:44  

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