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This cartoon has appeared in 'The Times' in the wake of the leaking of BNP membership lists. A BNP member has been purged from the media; the police services are apparently under orders from their diversicrat political masters to ensure that their ranks are also purged of those who hold views 'incompatible with the requirements of the role of a police officer'.
This is one of the most naked examples of political interference in policing that I can recall. To paraphrase Mark Shea, if you are a police officer in the United Kingdom, , You*MUST* Believe in the diversity agenda.
As someone who does not support the BNP, and who has said so repeatedly, this cartoon is disgusting. The individuals whose names appear on these lists are private citizens belonging to a legal organisation - in the land of Magna Carta, they now face the prospect of harrassment for holding inconvenient views.
In the Soviet Union, such people were dealt with by exile or a bullet; usually after being caricatured as grossly and, yes, as unfairly as in the above cartoon. The day when this will happen to British and American citizens who hold inconvenient views will come within a generation.
When they come for me; well, when the Gauls invaded Rome in 387 BC,
"After all the arrangements that circumstances permitted had been made for the defence of the Capitol, the old men returned to their respective homes and, fully prepared to die, awaited the coming of the enemy. Those who had filled curule offices resolved to meet their fate wearing the insignia of their former rank and honour and distinctions. They put on the splendid dress which they wore when conducting the chariots of the gods or riding in triumph through the City, and thus arrayed, they seated themselves in their ivory chairs in front of their houses. Some writers record that, led by M. Fabius, the Pontifex Maximus, they recited the solemn formula in which they devoted themselves to death for their country and the Quirites...As the Gauls were refreshed by a night's rest after a battle which had at no point been seriously contested, and as they were not now taking the City by assault or storm, their entrance the next day was not marked by any signs of excitement or anger.
Passing the Colline gate, which was standing open, they came to the Forum and gazed round at the temples and at the Citadel, which alone wore any appearance of war. They left there a small body to guard against any attack from the Citadel or Capitol whilst they were scattered, and then they dispersed in quest of plunder through streets in which they did not meet a soul. Some poured in a body into all the houses near, others made for the most distant ones, expecting to find them untouched and full of spoils. Appalled by the very desolation of the place and dreading lest some stratagem should surprise the stragglers, they returned to the neighbourhood of the Forum in close order. The houses of the plebeians were barricaded, the halls of the patricians stood open, but they felt greater hesitation about entering the open houses than those which were closed. They gazed with feelings of real veneration upon the men who were seated in the porticoes of their mansions, not only because of the superhuman magnificence of their apparel and their whole bearing and demeanour, but also because of the majestic expression of their countenances, wearing the very aspect of gods. So they stood, gazing at them as if they were statues, till, as it is asserted, one of the patricians, M. Papirius, roused the passion of a Gaul, who began to stroke his beard which in those days was universally worn long by smiting him on the head with his ivory staff. He was the first to be killed, the others were butchered in their chairs. After this slaughter of the magnates, no living being was thenceforth spared; the houses were rifled, and then set on fire."
A good death with dignity, showing respect for its traditions, might be all the West has to look forward to.


Blogger David Lindsay said...

On a bridge in Durham a few Saturdays ago, I saw stalls both for the “Socialist Party” (Militant as was) and for the BNP.

Those manning the Militant one were clearly undergraduates, and were merely collecting signatures for two petitions, one to renationalise the energy companies, the other against the BNP.

But those manning the BNP one were older, they spoke with local accents (I mean really local - Durham itself or its immediate environs), and they were clearly doing a roaring trade in recruitment among the Saturday shoppers.

County Durham, please note, has fully one per cent visible ethnic minorities, and recently published maps indicate particularly strong BNP membership in Easington, the only district in the United Kingdom to be one hundred per cent White British at the last census.

I had assumed that, with only three seats to fill, the North East, alone among the English regions, would be spared a BNP MEP in June, never mind the two that they are on for in each of London, the North West and the South East, at least. But now, I am not so sure.

Neil Heron gave a seat to the Lib Dems rather than UKIP last time. Having won his cause, he is unlikely to stand again, and if he does, then he will only be giving the BNP a ninth, if not a twelfth, seat. He really does need to think about that. As, in BNP-infested Sunderland, I have no doubt that he does.

The BNP has already taken UKIP’s seat on the Greater London Assembly. It only needs one ninth of the votes cast (not the eligible vote, the votes cast) to get a Strasbourg seat there in June. One eighth in the North West. A mere one tenth in the South East. And so on.

Its supporters are far more likely to vote, because they are angrier people, while UKIP’s electorate now cares more about immigration than about Europe, and far more than was the case at the last European Elections. UKIP itself has pretty much imploded.

Unless you believe that there are more than ten thousand Nazis in Britain today, never mind all the votes that they receive, then why are people attracted to a party whose own constitution requires its members to be “Nordic” (although that does not preclude a Jewish Councillor)?

Well, as much as anything else, it is different and distinctive. It still canvasses, and conducts local campaigns. It is not part of any metropolitan elite. And it is at least answering, albeit very wrongly, legitimate concerns, concerns in fact widely shared within the visible ethnic minority communities.

Of course, the people running the BNP really are vile. But if you don’t want ever-more of them in town halls and civic centres, if you don’t want them at Strasbourg, and if you don’t want them at Westminster in less than a decade, then you need to give up on the Block Parties, whose fault that serious possibility (and, in the municipal case, reality) is.

The BNP’s answers are wrong.

But their voters’, potential voters’, and indeed voters’ non-white neighbours’ questions are not.

20 November, 2008 16:57  

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