Monday, November 17, 2008

Cannibal Britain

"More than half the population believe UK children are "feral" and behave like animals, a survey has suggested.

Half of the 2,021 adults interviewed by YouGov for the poll also felt children should be regarded as "dangerous".
Although we now mourn the death of Peter Connelly, it's not hard to imagine that if he had survived the horrible environment into which he was born he would later be regarded as 'feral' by those who wring their hands over his passing.
The United Kingdom is now a cannibal society. It kills its young in the womb, while those who should know better describe having children as a 'lifestyle choice'. It treats its born young like animals. It cannibalises its economy, selling off its assets for the greatest short term gain. Soon, it will start killing its old.
The price we have been willing to pay for our prosperity has been the cheapening of human life. When we have been willing to take that moral hyperleap, we have to ask ourselves whether we really have the right to call ourselves civilised any more.


Blogger David Lindsay said...

Did nobody notice children or teenagers when there were far more of them, or is the problem simply that there are still any at all despite all the efforts to prevent their conception or birth?

And am I alone in feeling a connection between this and the calls for the organs of our dead to be compulsorily harvested?

17 November, 2008 14:46  

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