Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Union Revisited

David Lindsay has put a couple of comments on this post concerning his belief that the banking bailout has saved the Union.
In my replies, I have tried to articulate my belief that the impact of recent weeks' events go far beyond the political in their scope; that what we are seeing is a change to a different, even less citizen friendly form of government than we have had before - what is, to all intents and purposes, British fascism. No matter which ideology comes out on top, none of us are ultimately going to be better off.
In the shortest of short terms, of course, the political stock of Alex Salmond and the Scottish National Party is now sub-prime, perhaps even toxic. All of their financial projections were based on demand for a dwindling commodity, the price of which is now falling, while they enthusiastically bought into the whole globalist, neoliberal economic agenda; indeed, seemed absolutely convinced that that model had defeated all others completely. Salmond never answered the question why an independent Scotland should be like Iceland, when it could model itself on Switzerland instead. One hasn't heard reports of the Swiss banks running to the governments for bailouts.
If Salmond is a busted flush, then one would have to say that this is a good and wholesome thing. An independent Scotland under his leadership, indeed under that of any member of the SNP, would soon have become dominated by those worst aspects of the Scottish character - pettiness, aggression, intolerance - which the SNP laud as positives. 'Wha's like us?' the SNP cry. Not the Swiss, we answer. Proud Alex has been sent homewards to think again, his gamesmanship of games which he was happy to play up to the edge of treason shown to be completely discredited.
I once wrote of the similarity between the SNP and the pre-unification Italian nationalists of the 19th Century; in particular, that your average SNP politician fitted completely the description given of Benedetto Cairoli, that he "was one of the most conspicuous representatives of that type of Italian public men who, having conspired and fought for a generation in the cause of national unity, were despite their valour little fitted for the responsible parliamentary and official positions they subsequently attained; and who by their ignorance of foreign affairs and of internal administration unwittingly impeded the political development of their country." Peas out the pod. The SNP will still drink their wee drams, and sing their wee folk songs; and will remain as unsuited to governing Scotland as Cairoli was to governing Italy.
I don't think we'll be hearing talk of the McCrone Report for quite some time.


Blogger Catholic Teuchtar said...

OK..start reeling me in now.

So what is going on here? Has the union been saved or is the dawn of a new British Fascism? Do you honestly think a new British Fascism will not lead to the FURTHER weakening of the union. Scots to play their part are they? Maybe so. Like we did in Iraq.

I say FURTHER as in the case of the tide that washes up the beach until it covers your wellies and soaks you. Despite the fact it has retracted somewhat from time to time.

Your writing off Alex Salmond and Nationalism is premature. Of the same ilk of those that said Devolution would kill off the SNP.

Reporting of the situation in Ireland and Iceland is wishful thinking on the most parts from Unionists. Especially those who feel so strongly about the Union to frequently blog about its strengths. The definition of a recession is two consecutive periods of negative growth.It forgets the strides made before that. In Irelands case probably 10 or 20 consecutive periods. Woooo! Stroll on Independence. Or should the USA disown its economy because it has bailed out its own banks.

Its like, they wouldnt have had the money to bail OUR banks out (THEIRS until this week) unless it was for OUR resources. They wouldnt need bailing out if it wasnt for THEIR politics and economic if not also moral capitalism.

God Bless you. If not your politics. :-)

15 October, 2008 19:53  
Blogger David Lindsay said...

I only have any problem with the second paragraph of this.

We recently witnessed the death of one of Europe's two or three most important Fascists. In his virulent opposition to social democratic economics, to moral and social conservatism, and to the specifically Catholic basis (mine, but by no means the only one, though, I submit, the most comprehensive and coherent) for holding such views, Jörg Haider was the authentic view of Austria's German-nationalist third Lager, of which Haider was not the most famous son. Do those views sound familiar?

Indeed, they even appeal to much the same sort of people sociologically in Britain as in Austria. Well, of course they do. In his heyday, Haider himself said that there was no other party in Europe with which his had more in common than New Labour. And he was right. He was simply stating a fact there.

New Labour seems to have come to an end as a serious political force this week. In other words, not least including more or less the words of Jörg Haider, Fascism seems to have come to an end as a serious political force in Britain this week. Both in the form of New Labour and in the form of the SNP.

16 October, 2008 14:21  

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