Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some Thoughts On The Decline And Fall Of George Osborne

His letter to 'The Times' is written in English so poor that one can only imagine that Nathaniel Rothschild composed it himself.
Sorry, who is Nathaniel Rothschild? And why do elected politicians and public servants keep his company? Where's his constituency? How many votes did he get?
In this story, lies are being told by either one party or the other. Although that is bad enough, perhaps one can expect no better when one sees members of the international elite going at each other like cats in a bag. These are not people who enjoy being thwarted, who struggle to survive from day to day. Although I have no brief for Osborne, a well-heeled thug who has already been caught pandering to the global elite in unrecorded meetings in out-of-the-way places, one can't help but think that he has at last encountered someone more ruthless than himself; an unsettling experience to have at any age, but better late than never.
Just as politics has been described as showbusiness for ugly people, the decline and fall of George Osborne is the political equivalent of Madonna's divorce from Guy Ritchie; a space-filler based on the doings of spectacularly unpleasant, spiritually ugly people, but focussed on wealth and influence instead of celebrity. The logic of the warped morality on display here seems to follow thus - Rothschild does not seem to be indignant, does not seem to care, that an attempt to break the law may or may not have been made in the company he was hosting. Instead, what irritates him is the company's privacy was breached.
To my mind, this displays an amoral attitude. By writing his letter to 'The Times', Rothschild has made himself fair game for further enquiry. The plebs will be asking themselves how many other such gatherings he has hosted at which discussions aimed at lawbreaking may have taken place.
And to paraphrase an associate of another Rothschild, codes of silence be damned.


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