Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Political Pervert

The unedifying way in which Phil Woolas was hooked from appearing on the issue of 'Question Time' broadcast on 23rd October enabled viewers to be treated to the even more unedifying, although certainly informative, opinions of Lord Hattersley.

In the retirement he now enjoys from a political career marked by thwarted ambition and extreme under-achievement, Lord Hattersley has carved something of a reputation as an intellectual. Given the quality of the opinions he expressed on 23rd October, it is hard to see quite why.

This thoroughly vicious, nasty, fat old man was asked for his opinion on whether five year olds should receive compulsory sex education, and he replied that he would have sex education be taught by every teacher in every school.

At that instant, it became clear that there is absolutely no relative or normative difference between Lord Hattersley and a raincoated pervert standing at a school's gate. The raincoated pervert wishes to corrupt small children physically; Lord Hattersley and other promoters of sex education for five year olds want to corrupt them spiritually and morally. The effect is the same - one way or another, the child is damaged.
This is an issue on which some such as libertarians might disagree; however, it's perhaps noteworthy that earlier this year Shane Cory, my former editor at 'The Washington Dispatch', resigned as CEO if the Libertarian Party of the USA on a very similar issue.
Whether they stand on the left or the right, all ideologues hate the concept of the family, and hate all families but their own. Hattersley's comments show that he is on the cultural far left, which sincerely believed and still believes that British society should be remodelled on the lines of the hugely destructive social policies which prevailed in the early Soviet Union (and from which Stalin later withdrew). He really does believe that what the British need is more free love, more destruction of the nuclear family.
Like all ideologues, he believes that attachment to wife, kin and children might prevent the citizen from working to achieve the ideologue's vision of Utopia with all their might, so the family must be undermined, must be destroyed. Ideologues of the left have undermined the family as follows; myths - the extent of domestic violence suffered by women in the home; the number of women who died as a consequence of receiving illegal abortions; the number of women trapped in loveless and unfulfilling marriages; the number of teenage pregnancies arising from sexual ignorance - are created in order to turn man from woman, and parent from child. Anecdotes of such behaviours are treated as facts, and suspicions concerning their existence as realities. This is done in order to achieve the ideological aim of ensuring that families and human relationships become fungible, almost disposable.
The consequence of this policy has been that the state of affairs which the ideologues railed against has become a self-fulfilled prophecy; teach people that they should only ever consider the importance of their own needs, and that's what they'll do. It's not surprising that the divorce, abortion and teeenage pregnancy rates are so high; that's what the ideologues wanted. The systematic destruction of the British nuclear family has been the United Kingdom's most successful public policy since the end of the Second World War. It has been the United Kingdom's Great Consuming Social Tragedy that our ideologues have adhered to this anti-cultural, anti-historic, anti-human mentality for far longer than the Soviets ever did.
Although Hattersley stood at the centre of the party that bears the greatest guilt for this state of affairs coming to pass, all others bear responsibility. The Conservative Party's primitivist, almost shamanic belief in the power and influence of markets is such that many believe there are markets in values; principles become things to be traded for the greatest gain. Instead of the truly conservative approach of putting family first, many, many Tories have come to grief on their belief that absolutely nobody else has any hold over them at any time. Trying to pin down the ideological roots of the Liberal Democrats is, to use a cliche, like trying to herd cats; the British Liberal Democrats are not a serious political movement, but a sociological marvel, an ongoing experiment into the collective staying power of a band of personal opportunists.
On 23rd October, Lord Hattersley had the temerity to say that sex education should be provided by every teacher in every school to avoid teenage pregnancies occurring through ignorance of sex and sexuality; if he believes that female British teenagers get up the stick as a consequence of ignorance, he has clearly not opened the pages of any of the newspapers which pay him to write for them, nor watched anything on the television on which he appears. He is unaware of how the welfare state he helped mould incentivises teenage girls into pregnancy for gain. The party of which he is a member has a policy of vaccinating teenage girls against the diseases of promiscuity; neither ignorance nor innocence there. Given the damage that his beliefs have done and continue to do, his intellectual inability to reflect that he participated in bringing the current state of affairs to pass and his likely lack of penitence should he do so, Lord Hattersley shows himself to be a nasty, vicious old political pervert who has no place in the public square. Or at the school gates.


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My apologies for poor and unwieldy English - I labour under all the shortcomings of a Scottish private school and professional education, while possessing none of their benefits.

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