Friday, October 17, 2008

Geoff Hoon Is An Ignorant Clown And Thug Who Should Be Driven From Office

On the BBC's 'Question Time' last night, Geoff Hoon, a political loser who, having been a wartime Secretary of State for Defence, now sits as Transport Secretary, claimed that 'the government is prepared to go "quite a long way" with civil liberties to "stop terrorists killing people.'
On the same program, he also made it clear that the remedy for our current civilisational crisis was for the public to be educated about Islam's peaceful nature.
Hoon is a former prosecutor. With some noble and limited exceptions, many of the prosecutors I have encountered have been self-righteous thugs, and not particularly sparkling lawyers, who believe, Judge Dredd style, that they are the law. Hoon is almost the caricature of such a type. While Chief Whip, thuggery would have been his stock in trade. Only thugs and bullies become Chief Whip. He is not only a thug, but a clown; and a dangerously ignorant clown at that.
The idea that Islam is peaceful is a joke, and anyone who says so is an ignoramus. Indeed, the one thing that Islam's history proves is that it is not peaceful. Individual Muslims are peaceful; Islam itself is not. Geoff Hoon, thug and ignoramus, would prefer that every citizen be spied upon, their civil liberties eroded to nothing, rather than face the simple, not easy, truth that the root cause of much of the terrorism we suffer is that we have allowed Islam into our society. Like it or not, it's the truth.
(Incidentally, Dominic Grieve, the token Tory on the same show, didn't do much better. If memory serves, he spouted something about the rise of the BNP in Stoke-on-Trent being the result of the indigenous working classes failing to understand multiculturalism. That the rise of the BNP is the direct consequence of the Conservative Party deliberately disengaging itself from the white working classes, and its persistent failure to address the BNP on its terms, is probably beyond Grieve's comprehension).
Hoon should suffer the fate of all bullies; to be labelled as such and shunned. He has failed in every position of consequence that he has held. He is not fit for office. Not so long ago, the English people knew how to deal with neighbourhood bullies; they took them up a dark alley for a dose of their own medicine. Hoon deserves the equivalent political fate.


Blogger James Higham said...


17 October, 2008 13:37  
Blogger Martin said...

No, just shame, ignominy and the lack of a peerage at the end of an inglorious career.

18 October, 2008 06:33  

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