Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not Balkanisation, But Balkenendisation

Geert Wilders tells it like it is.
Let's hope The Tartanissimo is taking note. The last thing that an independent Scotland would need would be to have a Shortbread Intifada on its hands.


Blogger Catholic Teuchtar said...

An interesting insight from a Unionist catholic perspective. I admire you Martin. You are something I am not and never will be. Well read, well studied, well spoken. Most of the time. :-)

“As a Unionist who stubbornly refuses to refer to our constitutional Scottish Executive by its new and funky, but unconstitutional, name of 'The Scottish Government', the First Minister's behaviour since his victory in a botched election has been appalling."

Not according to the opinion polls. It seems its just what we needed in Scotland after years of Labour's Lap dog politics. But then I knew that. :-)

In an albeit different context. "There’s no fool like a smug, self-satisfied Scotch fool."

Well that will be me nowadays in this era of our new Scottish Government. But Scottish Martin...Scottish! Not Scotch! :-)

Now while I share you concerns about our being over-ran by Islamic culture here in the West I find your pointing the finger at the current Scottish executive...errr...Government... quite incredible considering the 'UK Governements contribution to the current state of affairs both in terms of numbers and the relations with Islam.

Incidentally here is a link to Saaed's blog for the benefit of your readers since you forgot to do that.

His profile makes interesting reading.


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I think I would defend the right of minority cultures who already make up a part of any nation to continue to participate in the development of their social sphere be it communities or nations.

At the end of the day we all look out for our own and sometimes rather than sit back and complain we shold be encouragin our own to get off their backsides. Something you have done boldly in the past and I wholeheartedly agree with.

However, when you do it with a Unionist hat on with an anti-nationalist agenda it isn't half unattractive. :-)

20 September, 2008 18:50  
Blogger Martin said...


Therein lies the rub.

Does Saeed see his priority as Islam first, and Scotland second? Or Scotland first and Islam second?

21 September, 2008 07:01  

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