Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Perversion Of The Course Of Justice

Whilst one might disagree with George Monbiot's motives, it is absolutely certain that those security guards who prevented him from effecting a citizen's arrest on John Bolton are guilty of perverting the course of justice.
As a former diplomat, Bolton might have diplomatic immunity, in which case the appropriate course of events would have been for him to be taken into custody, a few quick phone calls made or appropriate ID's flashed, and it's all over. However, by obstructing Monbiot, whose intentions were well-known, Bolton's guards prevented him from effecting an arrest; and the execution of an arrest is not a declaration of guilt. It is an essential first step in the open and public administration of justice; as a citizen, Monbiot possesses the right to effect a citizen's arrest if he believes that its object is guilty of a crime; and nobody has any business standing in his way.
This sort of ham-fisted thuggery effected by ham-handed thugs gives the impression that there are some people who either reside in this country, or who visit this country, who are somehow beyond its justice; and what was good for Pinochet, who after all was a bona fide head of state, should also be good for John Bolton. Bolton talks a good game - one wonders just how big he must have felt, standing as he did behind the skirts of black-shirted goombahs.


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