Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Does anyone really care?
Regardless of who ends up with which nomination, it's doubtful that the next president will deviate from the Bushido of the last eight years to any great degree; so why bother working up a sweat?
In his book 'Europe', Norman Davies uses the expression 'bulimia politica' to describe Russia's relentless eastward expansion. To paraphrase him, they ended up with more land than they could ever use and yet they still wanted more.
Whoever wins the White House will be a globalist; and globalisation, that gypsy in leprechaun's clothes, is nothing but "bulimia oeconomica", borderless capital's relentless desire for profit wherever it can find it. Regardless of who wins, jobs will still be outsourced and mass migration will remain uncontrolled. These are the main planks of the policy, not a process, known as 'globalisation'; and not even wars and recessions will break them.
May God Bless, And Keep, America.


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