Thursday, May 31, 2007

Professional Europhile Tells America, 'Let Us In, So We Can Carp At You'

Is NATO On A War Footing With Russia?

You might think so, if you read 'The Daily Telegraph'.
This morning's edition reports that,
"President George W Bush has invited his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to the United States in a last-ditch attempt to ameliorate a worsening crisis in East-West relations."
'Last ditch'? Have we been mobilising and nobody told me? Has a man in a soft hat been going round proclaiming 'I have in my hand a piece of paper'?
Absurd rubbish.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


"Damn the neocons! Damn everyone that won't damn the neocons! Damn everyone that won't put lights in his window and sit up all night damning the neocons!"
The redoubtable (and, in my experience, very gentlemanly) Kevin Michael Grace.

The Great British Farm Workers Shortage

Experience dictates that when UK Immigration News starts talking about labour shortages, it's a good time to put your hand over your wallet.
Good grief, they're at it again! Food will rot in the fields! Elderly nuns will be reduced to whoring themselves on street corners for thin gruel, while sickly nippers will sell their bladders to rich Chinese for a crust's crust!
According to UKIN, British farmers are 'in dire need of workers!'
Well bite your nails and knock your knees!
Er...maybe not quite.
If UKIN's narration of 'The Great British Engineer Shortage' is any guide, then the only thing the farmers are looking for from the strawberry pickers is - two years experience.

The Threats Of Irwin Stelzer

With its typical blindness to either irony or error, the Bush White House is appointing Robert Zoellick to the World Bank.
Zoellick is an original signatory to Project for a New American Century, so precisely the same weary, tired ideological song ('Privatise! Privatise!') can be expected to come from WB for the forseeable future.
However, chagrin at the long overdue perp walk down the plank strutted by the insufferably arrogant Paul Wolfowitz has caused Irwin Stelzer, Rupert Murdoch's emissary to Earth and one of the cat dirt nastiest of all 'neconservative' Jacobins, to bare his teeth like Danton.
In a commentary for today's 'Daily Telegraph' entitled 'Europe may regret getting rid of Wolfowitz', which offers the kind of insights into current American strategy usually found in 'The American Conservative' (always a better, and generally much more wholesome, read), he writes that,
"No matter whom the voters pick as their next President, he or she will find that America cannot retreat from the world, no matter how popular such a move might prove to be. But the new occupant of the White House will also know that he must rely on what President Bush calls coalitions of the willing, rather than on most existing international institutions.

Gordon Brown will have to decide whether, Barkis-like, he is among the willin'.

If You Think Was Alexander Litvinenko Was Sane...

the picture currently posted on 'The Copydude' will hopefully make you reconsider.
It was taken on the day he became a British citizen. If memory serves, the sword is Chechen.

The Welsh In Australia

Of Welsh extraction, Billy Hughes was one of Australia's most durable and influential statesmen of the 20th Century.
One doubts whether, as an Australian resident, he would have worn Welsh costume to a rugby match.

British Civilians In Iraq (Or 'Expatomania')

The only reason British civilians go to Iraq is to make money - lots of money, big, big, big money.
The reason they go there is because Iraq is a dangerous place - and the wages on offer reflect the physical risk involved.
So when British civilians and a troupe of their British bodyguards get kidnapped, my reaction is - who cares?
They knew what they were doing when they accepted the work. Fine. Now pay the penalty.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Suggestions for Improving University Finance

BBC Scotland reports that Dr. Brian Lang, the principal of St. Andrews University, has called for a 'graduate tax' in order to improve university finance.
I have some better ideas.
We could eliminate all abortion services.
We could radically downscale all universities, slashing half their staffing and three quarters of their budgets and putting the survivors on to annual contracts; and those who didn't produce at least one (solo) book every year would be on the dole.
Or else, all lecturers could take a massive pay cut.
It's as sensible a program as having to pay more tax to pay for Britain's universities - institutions which already seem to operate on the principle that 'more is less'.

An Absurd Waste Of Time And Resources

Russia does not extradite Russians.
Accordingly, Britain's request for the extradition of Andrei Lugovoi is pointless.
The Daily Telegraph quotes Anthony Brenton, the British ambassador to Moscow, as saying,
"We look for an early and positive response from the Russian authorities."
Brenton's behaviour in post has shown him to be not fit for purpose. Instead of allowing him to waste our money making pointless extradition requests, a more efficient use of resources would be his immediate recall; followed by his instant dismissal from the diplomatic service.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Niall's Ferguson's Column On Vladimir Putin Is So Deranged...

Brave New Scotland

The BBC reports that,
"Alex Salmond has said he wants to see relations between Westminster and the devolved government in Scotland put on a more formal footing. "
Like what? Pigeon post?
Pick up the telephone, fat man. That's what we pay you to do.


If you're going to write absurd sentences like, "But if people wish to enter into private contracts, whether polyandrous or polygynous, what the hell has that got to do with a politician?", I would suggest you read Steve Sailer.
As a way of doing things, polygamy sucks. End of story.

Xenophilia Redux

Sebastian Mallaby.

Believe me, it gets worse.

It's via Don Boudreaux.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Great One

Christopher Lee CBE is 86 today.

Happy birthday, sir. Your day will come.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

19th Century Diseases In 21st Century Britain

Divorce - Where Are The Economists?

It is hard to see how divorce settlements of the kind imposed by the English Court of Appeal in the case of Charman -v- Charman are anything other than barriers to wealth creation.
What is the point of starting a business if you're only going to lose it, because of the legal fiction that your partner would also be capable of doing the same? And capable of building theirs to an equivalent level of profitability?
It's all very nice, warm, cuddly and progressive, I know - but for the most part, without a shred of basis in fact.
Such settlements are just more nails in marriage's coffin. Economists will bray like jackasses about government regulation - well, this is regulation, red in tooth, claw and tape, leading to businesses losing money and potential entrepeneurs losing incentives. Where is their outrage?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Kind Words

Although I am very grateful to James Higham, Bruce Hall and my blogging partner Dennis for their kind words, I really do like the thoughts of the redoubtable David Jefferson Bean.
Thank you all, gentlemen.

Two Good Reasons For Getting Out Of Iraq

Firstly, the rats have fled the ship - sorry, 'the hawks have flown the nest. '
Any chance of a Nuremberg Trial for Perle, Frum, Wolfowitz or Adelman any time soon? Please? I mean, they encouraged the sadistic destruction of a country for no apparent reason - can't those who lost loved ones as a result enjoy the mildly sadistic satisfaction of seeing the warmongers crying and crapping their pants at the thought of going down for life without parole, each one a Hess for a new generation?
Maybe, in order to foster international understanding and in the spirit of friendship between nations, we should send them abroad to be tried - in Iran.
Secondly, the United Kingdom's army is now smaller than that of Greece.
Wow. Thank goodness this guy didn't hang around for the news...

A Loyal Father

"I am disappointed and I genuinely, sincerely and passionately believe that my son has done nothing wrong. Everything was legal and above board. We will contest the verdict. There was no shred of evidence to convict and we will appeal against the sentence. I am certain that justice will win." -
That's 'family values' for you - a lesson to us all.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some Thoughts On The Election Of Bashir Ahmad To The Scottish Parliament

Those readers of this blog who also read VDare (give Peter money - and I would guess about 99.9% of my readers are also VDare readers; if they aren't, they should be) will have read my letter concerning the rather odd circumstances by which Bashir Ahmad has become a Scottish Nationalist Member of the Scottish Parliament.
But this is what I really don't get - Ahmad is an immigrant, given leave to enter the United Kingdom. He then sees nothing wrong in not only joining, but also campaigning for and standing as a candidate for, a party whose sole rationale is the United Kingdom's demolition.
Is that chutzpah or what?

If Immigration Is So Good For The United Kingdom......

The World's Greatest Living Cuban...

The Father of 'The Quotient' himself, has a blog.....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Where was I?