Sunday, June 24, 2007

Men Of Bronze

"The real Master to whom all is permitted storms Toulon, makes a massacre in Paris, forgets an army in Egypt, wastes half a million men in the Moscow expedition and gets off with a jest at Vilna. And altars are set up to him after his death, and so all is permitted. No, such people it seems are not of flesh but of bronze!”
"Only one of the London partners at KKR, the private equity giant taking over Alliance Boots, is a UK taxpayer....
KKR partners, are not accused of doing anything illegal in structuring their tax affairs, merely taking advantage of Britain's generous tax regime. A source close to KKR defended their tax status: "All of the others [except Hollick] are foreign."

Johannes Huth, KKR's -German head of Europe, works in London, but is one of those not believed to be tax-domiciled in the UK. Neither is Oliver Haarmann who covers the telecoms sector nor utilities partner Reinhart Gorensos.
(A) private equity insider said: "If you are not a UK citizen why would you bother being UK tax domiciled?"
Why indeed? When here in New Poland you'll always be guaranteed to find another sucker to parrot out the old 'the growth of the black economy is also surely a function of increased regulation and taxation' fannies?
Men of bronze, indeed.


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