Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coretta Scott King

The Migrant Missing

It seems that a quarter of those of the UK's failed asylum-seeker families who stand to lose benefit after the exhaustion of process have gone missing.
Somebody must know they are, must be housing them, must be supporting them; so somebody, somewhere must be breaking the law.

I Suppose I Deserved That

Joe Guzzardi of VDare posted my letter this morning, which followed upon this post and added that,
"Joe Guzzardi comments: Martin Kelly is the proprietor of the erratically anti-VDARE.COM (and anti-Brimelow) blog The G-Gnome Rides Out. Since we received Kelly’s letter, Mexico has withdrawn its plan to issue 70,000 maps to would-be border crossers. The very fact that Mexico conceived the idea proves its disdain for American sovereignty. But Mexico’s retreat indicates that it is leery of pushing the envelope too far in this period of intense resistance by Americans to unchecked illegal immigration".
I bear no actual personal animus towards Peter Brimelow - don't know the man, never met him, and the list of my other blogs on the right is headed 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' for a reason: as much as one might wish otherwise, as Justin Raimondo has said, on the Internet your sins live forever, so there's no point in denying them - but to the end of my days I will maintain that, as a white, educated immigrant from the United Kingdom, permitted to settle in the USA through the good offices of all its citizens, it was entirely inappropriate of him to write the following phrases in a VDare blog entry of February 26 2005, in relation to the death of Samuel Francis -
"In 2027 the Martin Luther King FBI archives are due to be unsealed. Since by then, not being Spanish speaking, MLK will have lost his privileged minority status, there will be nothing to stop the final truth coming out. Almost an entire generation of politicians and commentators will look, at best, foolish."
We shall see. History takes a long time to write - but it's not perhaps an undertaking for flighty obsessive-compulsives like myself.
However, I link to VDare on the front page, have linked extensively to its articles, have linked to its fund-raising page and bear nothing but the greatest admiration for those of its writers fighting its battles on the ground, such as Randall Burns, D.A. King and Mr. Guzzardi himself. They might not welcome my admiration, but that's life; and Paul Craig Roberts' analyses of US job creation figures are always essential reading.
Being a VDare writer cannot be without its pitfalls. I received the following, unedited and uncensored, e-mail this morning after the letter was published, from one William Martin (mail him), -
"Martin,do you have a stubby,fat,brownish GNOMISH dick--like a GNOME,perhaps.Perhaps like a mongolian mercy-fucked Britisher? W.M.
I'll be cleaning out my inbox for weeks...
(Update January 31 2006 - some of my thoughts on my other blogs are contained in Apologia Pro Vita Blogga Britannica, posted on November 1 2005. Links to the blogs are included.)

Monday, January 30, 2006

The Thoughts of Anthony Browne

Anthony Browne, Times wallah and author of The Retreat of Reason, has published an editorial in The Spectator entitled 'Invasion of the New Europeans'.
Browne wrote the official reply to Tony Blair's first speech on immigration on behalf of Civitas(.pdf), which answers every single argument in favour of mass migration with those difficult things called 'facts', and had previously authored a book entitled 'Do We Need Mass Immigration?'
Accessible without registration, for once, his Spectator piece is a very thoughtful look at the negative effects of mass immigration from the East, and a recommended read.
Pity it won't cut any ice at the Home Office.

I Hope The Iraqis Are Grateful

The 'National Review Online' Discovers Immigrant Crime

'A More Sensitive System'

Jack McConnell, First Minister of Scotland, on migration -
"He points to the changes in how 'dawn raids' will be handled in the future and says he has secured a separate Scottish dimension to the government's five-year plan for asylum and immigration, which is due to be published next month.

Despite it being a reserved matter, McConnell felt he had an 'absolute duty to intervene' after concerns were raised about the methods used to deport families of asylum seekers. 'We have to have a system of immigration, but I felt there were real problems in the way children who had been living in the community for years were being treated. I did say things publicly because I thought the system had to change.'

Like smoking, which he expects to be fully banned in England, he says Scotland has led the way. 'If anybody is campaigning in England, it is for more deportations, not a more sensitive system that takes into account the needs of teenagers who have been in school for four years here.' As a result of his intervention, he says the Executive has had a profound impact at the Home Office".
So he thinks. A more sensitive system is one that would put the interests of citizens first - and ignore the demands of impudent asylum-seekers.

The Naming Of Parts

Migration Watch provides a useful definition of the distinction between an asylum-seeker and an economic migrant.

Turkish Flu Heads To Iraq

A Benefit In Kind

When the Irish signed on to the expansion of the European Union, I don't think anybody envisaged that they would have to pay Early Childcare Allowance for children outwith the country.
C'est Euroville pour vous.

The De Menezes' And Islam

The purveyor of the De Menezes family's more corny Brazilian beefs is one Asad Rehman, in print today spouting criticism of Sir Ian Blair.
Rehman is a committed hard-leftist, a current or former assistant to George Galloway.
As I wrote yesterday, the De Menezes' never seem to have a word of complaint against the Islamists for whom, if they had not attempted to blow up buses on July 21, the police would not have been looking when they shot JCDM on July 22.
But one criticises Asad Rehman at one's peril. If the kitchen gets too hot, then you could be accused of anti-Muslim bigotry.

£421 Million

is now the estimated annual cost of fraud perpetrated by professional criminals within the UK; and every man jack of them, as we know, is born singing 'God Save The Queen'.

Trade Unionists and Offshoring

They just don't get it.
The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has issued a report saying that the Republic stands to lose as many as 38,000 jobs to offshoring.
Its response? According to RTE,
"The report calls for new initiatives under social partnership to deal with the threat and to mitigate its worst effects.

They want a greater focus on preventative measures to upskill workers before the offshore threat becomes a reality.

They want shop stewards and unions officials to be more adaptable and pro-actively seek retraining and upskilling of workers.

They want management to invest more, rather than taking profits at the expense of their firms.

Congress also wants a big improvement in social welfare payments and retraining for people who lose jobs so that workers become less fearful of flexibility.

In addition, the paper calls for Irish labour law and its enforcement to be considerably strengthened".
Instead of sounding like a coven of life coaches, how about doing what unions used to be really good at doing, like closing down factories, and call centres, taking to the streets and threatening economic and social chaos until the government takes action?
Or even, God forbid, taking a look into the pages of Irish history and instituting a programme of civil disruption which, if of sufficient size, would almost guarantee that it would become more expensive for offshorers to do business?
In other words, a 'boycott'.

Too Many Laws

Sir Roger Toulson, the Chairman of the Law Commission, displays his inner conservative.
And he's dead right.

The Unhygienic Opinions of Mark Steyn

Steyn, perhaps forgetful of the salmonella lurking in his facial hair, has described the defeat of the Canadian Liberal Party 'an an act of political hygiene'.
Easy and unworthy analogies with the rhetoric of the Third Reich aside, for Steyn to so easily denigrate the opinions of those Canadians who voted Liberal perhaps shows how little regard he has for his country's democracy.
A suitable comparator for the scale of his arrogance is hard to imagine.
The best I could think of was Alberta.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Drunk Driving, Driving Without Insurance Or Tax And Other Things The Irish Won't Do

'The Meath Chronicle' will forever stay a closed book on my corner of the Internet, if only because its website demands details of potential subscribers' incomes before registration.
This is something of a pity, because it means that one will be unable to read the thoughts of Judge John Brophy of Navan District Court, who, if today's dead tree 'Sunday Independent' is anything to go by, is the most honest and least politically correct judge in the English-speaking world when presented with a migrant to sentence.
He sees a lot of them.
According to an article in today's SI by Jim Cusack entitled 'Gardai blame migrants for drink culture',
"Four people have been killed on the roads so far this year in the Garda's Louth-Meath division. In all cases foreign nationals have been involved. Charges are pending in respect of three deaths which cannot be discussed for legal reasons.
The fourth was Moldovan Andrei Vasitlita, 21, who drove off the main bridge in Drogheda in the early hours of January 23. No other vehicle was involved but it is understood that Vasitlita had very high levels of alcohol in his blood.
Case after case of serious road incidents involving drunken driving, and driving without insurance and tax, are coming before every sitting of Meath District Court Circuit.
Statistics show the high level of immigrants before the courts on alcohol-related charges. In the Oldcastle area, over 40 per cent of cases are against non-nationals.
The next highest levels involve cases before Balbriggan court, where non-nationals - mostly workers from Baltic states employed in the market-garden business - account for just under 40 per cent. The average for the Louth-Meath division is now running at between 20 and 30 per cent for each court sitting.
Gardai and judges are equally concerned at the dramatic increase in serious road traffic cases involving non-nationals in the area. Judge John Brophy, who presides over many of these cases, has spoken out about the abuse of traffic laws by non-nationals over the past year.
He told one 19-year-old Latvian, charged with driving with excess alcohol and having no insurance last August:"You are a guest in this country. Respect our laws and our police force".
Navan Court heard that the young man had been drunk in his car with his girlfriend when he was stopped outside the town. The two had also been squabbling. Judge Brophy told him:"You endangered her life by allegedly driving while drunk and with no insurance. If I went to Latvia and abused one of your police officers, I'd end up in jail".
Woo-Hoo! Cusack continued,
"At the same court sitting, Judge Brophy heard another case in which a Lithuanian man was involved in a hit-and-run incident.
Commenting on another case of drunkenness and possession of a dangerous weapon at the same court, Judge Brophy commented that "Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians could not hold their drink".
He had many of them before him, he added, all for drink related offences."
That's the ticket, Judge Brophy! Tell it like it is!
Mind you, he faces some competiton from Judge Sean MacBride of Trim. Cusack notes,
"On the same day, at Trim Court, Judge Sean Macbride was also dealing with a case involving a Lithuanian charged in connection with a hit-and-run case in which his car ploughed into the back of another car outside Oldcastle.
The 25-year-old pleaded guilty to failing to stop and careless driving. Gardai identified him after spotting his car outside the rented house where he lived. The BMW was damaged on its front grille and its missing hub cap was found at the scene of the incident. Judge MacBride imposed a (Euro) 650 fine and a 12-month ban on a Latvian carpenter who he described as "arrogant and having contempt for everyone".
Again the incident took place near Oldcastle last January. The judge heard that Latvian Artjoms Mamajevs had been overtaking a lorry on the wrong side of the road, at a corner, when his car struck an oncoming car, causing (Euro) 5,000 worth of damage. It was 7.30 am and the road was icy, making it impossible to brake.
The 'Meath Chronicle' reported that Mamajevs, who conducted his own defence, said "that he had not broken any traffic rules but he took responsibility as he was on the wrong side of the road. In his own country, he could blame the guys who cleaned the roads in the winter". Judge MacBride described Mamajevs as a "clever individual, a clever fool".
At almost every District Court sitting in the Louth-Meath Division, gardai are pursuing charges against non-nationals and particularly workers from the Baltic States in respect of no insurance and no tax. It is a phenomenon that is putting extra strain on policing resources in a garda division which already has more than its fair share of road traffic problems."
And that is the core of the whole problem of migrant crime. Resources are provided by taxpayers for the detection and prevention of crime within their own communities, and the mass infusion into those communities of foreigners who enjoy the same legal rights as citizens, but whose native cultures say its OK to ignore traffic laws and to drink yourself blind at the weekends and then get behind the wheel on Monday morning, such as is apparently the attitude in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, diminishes the rights of the citizen to the benefit of the foreigner.
Not why we pay taxes.
Cusack noted that a conference held in Tallinn by the Nordic Council for Alcohol and Drug Research in November 2005 heard that "there were amost no prosecutions for drunken driving in Lithuania, as the state has failed to effectively introduce blofd alcohol concentration limits for drivers", and evidence concerning "the growing prevalence of alcoholism".
Big Vodka apparently wields big power in Lithuania, and The Great Estonian Potato Juice War of 2004 resulted in a crash in the price and an increase in consumption.
It's very sad that these folks should be drinking themselves into the ground - and it's absolute madness that they should think they can continue with the same self-destructive behaviour, and all its attendant crime and nuisance, in another country over a thousand miles away, without let or hindrance.
At least, however, the Irish do keep statistics of crimes committed by foreigners. Do we?

The Zero Point Zero Four Percenters

Last Thursday's 'Daily Express' carried the rather depressing statistic that, because of a so-called 'lack of resources', only 69 of the estimated 1,600 foreign crime gangs operating in the UK are under investigation at any one time.
This figure, an apparent 0.04% of the total, tends to leave one gaping, open-mouthed not just at how quickly but how deeply foreign criminal elements have been able to establish themselves here.
This is not what immigration is about - and from now on all foreigners convicted of crimes should be deported, regardless of whether or not they have lodged specious claims for asylum.
And one definitely knows the tide is turning against this crimewave when the Sunday Herald, a soft left confection of a newspaper written by people who live in Crown Road South for people who live in Crown Road South, is exposing a forged passport racket run with the assistance of corrupt officials in Lithuania.

With Newspapers Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Decisions, decisions...
It really was a toss-up whether this post would go here, on No Compensation for De Menezes or The Daily Treasongraph.
"Instead of devoting himself permanently to the prevention of further acts, and the tracking down of similar extremists, Sir Ian spent most of his time in the activity that seems to give him greatest satisfaction: the press conference and the media appearance. Subsequently, his command structure failed to prevent an innocent Brazilian electrician being riddled with police bullets on his way to work."
De Menezes' deliberate defiance of the United Kingdom's immigration laws for his own ends, and his forgery in the pursuit of those ends, mean that at the time of his death he had forfeited the right to be described as 'innocent'. He had no involvement in the case the police were investigating, and the De Menezes family and their supporters never seem to have a word of criticism for the Islamists the police were hunting when he was shot in a case of mistaken identity; but he was not innocent.
Any mention of De Menezes' crimes against the British people seems to stick in the collective throat of the Daily Telegraph and its columnists.
The day after its sister paper the Daily Mail answered Sir Ian's allegations of institutional racism in crime reporting, by noting that he had permitted marked police cars transporting Tony Blair during last year's election to carry 'Vote Labour' stickers, today's Mail on Sunday also described De Menezes as 'innocent'.
Whose side are these newspapers on? Because if they're on the side of truth, they both seem averse to telling the whole truth.

Down With The Grandfathers

Viktor Sidorov, the commander of the Chelyabinsk Tank Academy, where Andrey Sychev was tortured by fellow conscripts, has been arrested.
If Niall Ferguson misses the Cold War so much, he might care to devote some energy towards tackling the particularly defects in Russian culture responsible for producing the 'grandfathers', instead of reporting verbatim the words of the President of Georgia alleging Russian sabotage of the gas pipeline- on the same day the gas was turned back on.

The Guests at Davos

If the chief executive of an Indian IT company and a human rights wallah are good enough to be invited to the World Economic Forum, one can't help but wonder whether the International Organisation for Migration is also represented.
After all, such a gathering would seem to be right up their street.

Violent Ulster, cont - The Preservation Of Cultural Heritage In Northern Ireland...

seems to extend to keeping a hand-in at the age-old arts of petrol-bombing and burning people out their homes.
The BBC have reported three separate arson attacks this weekend alone, here, here and here.

Boris Johnson on Immigration

Boris 'The Aborter' Johnson has been holding forth in the Sunday Times about his new book, entitled 'The Dream of Rome'. To quote,
"Johnson praises the Romans for encouraging mass immigration: should we have opened our doors even more? “Maybe we should,” he replies, in stark contrast to the last Tory campaign of bashing Johnny foreigner.
But the Boris prescription comes with a sting: that, as in Rome, incomers should be forced to embrace Britishness. “It is often immigrants who like waving flags and receiving CBEs, and they certainly seem pretty good at cricket,” he says, sounding like a mildly enlightened colonial governor. “But sod it, if you are going to be here, you have to be British. For the Romans that schtick was obvious.”
Our current policy is to permit unfettered migration from Eastern Europe - much like the Romans.

The Sword Cuts Both Ways

Tim Worstall has taken a bit of a pop at the management of Arcelor, for what he considers to be the institutional racism behind their decision to reject the takeover bid by Mittal Steel.
That particular sword, however, cuts both ways.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Violent Ulster, cont - Things To Do In Derry When You're Dead

A spontaneous outburst of cultural ecumenism on the banks of the Foyle should ordinarily be a cause for celebration.

Round-Up Of The Day

The demands upon one's time (re-negotiating an electricity bill from a supplier which defends itself from its customers behind a natural moat; visiting my mother, to be regaled with the casualty figures relating to how many of her friends have been hospitalised in the last week; cutting hair that grows at the same speed as the population of Greater London; and negotiating a furlough for my cashline card from my fiancee's custody - no inmate at Guantanamo Bay is more closely guarded than that wee piece of plastic) all combine to limit the amount of time available for analysis - so I'm afraid it's a bit of a round up of interesting stuff.
In no particular order, although one will argue the rights of Russia to receive a fair price for its resources forever and a day, President Putin should have no more pressing task than rooting out the so-called 'grandfathers' amongst the conscripts in its army who were responsible for the ordeal of Andrei Sychev, poor lad.
Right for Scotland vents at the media, Sir Ian Blair and the reporting of crime (and quite rightly - it seems that the Peelers' latest foray into statistics management involves entrapment) whilst The Bag of Bears points in the direction of Clairwil, a disillusioned former member of the Scottish Socialist Party.
Life in Basra looks as if it's just about to become a great deal more interesting for the 18 year old wee boys from Shettleston we have sent there to build a democracy for the Iraqis to turn round and destroy at the first opportunity, unfortunately: whilst Paul Craig Roberts, whom it is always a strategic blunder to ignore, warns that 'Catastrophe Looms', and Justin Raimondo has an interesting piece on the role played by Israel in the creation of Hamas. It seems that this might be, as Raimondo says, a classic example of 'blowback'.
And speaking of blowback, it seems that the charming Leslie Cummings may have been stabbed as a result of a contract placed on his life by a crooked lawyer.
It gives one no satisfaction to say this, but throughout the seven years that I was a member of the Law Society of Scotland, one's perception of it was that it was a craven institution that spent more time stamping on its members' heads than guarding their professional interests. One wishes Mr. Cummings a speedy recovery, and that his assailant and all those who might be responsible are brought to justice.
Finally, The Devil's Kitchen's mood has improved, whilst a certain Californian blogger engages in what he shamelessly describes as 'blatant self-promotion'.
As Mel Brooks wrote, 'If you got it, flaunt it! Flaunt it!'.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Foreign Criminals Of The Day: The Counterfeit Casbah

In a story which BBC News Interactive so far seems to have ignored (perhaps they've been cowed by allegations of institutional racism in crime reporting), a motley pair of Algerian Ali Babas named Noureddine Hadadj and Rezki Bensayah have both been jailed for 30 months for running a veritable casbah of counterfeiting.
The soukers' specialty was churning out fake ID's for criminals and illegal immigrants. Any kind of fake ID, you name it, they made it: passports, utility bills, identity cards, national insurance cards and driving licences.
They were better equipped than Microsoft, running three laptops, two PC's, two scanners, six printers, a laminator, a card-reader and four printing machines to crank out - well, still in their factory the police found, inter alia, 50 counterfeit passports (British, French, Belgian, Portugese), 55 French national insurance cards, 1,941 blank UK national insurance cards, 66 UK driving licences and 57 other assorted European driving licences.
To top it all, they had forged an official stamp from the immigration department.
And for the record, Algeria has absolutely no connection whatsoever with the UK.

Galloway's Measure X

It's looking tough for George Galloway.
However, he still has time before the local elections in which to publicly convert to Islam.

The Pitfalls Of Reporting Experimental Data

The Daily Telegraph reports today that,
"The non-white British population grew by more than half a million between 2001 and 2003, according to official figures published yesterday".
It continues,
"Over the same period, the white British population fell by more than 100,000, largely because of emigration and a low birth rate.

The white British and Irish are the only ethnic groups that registered a decline, the Office for National Statistics said. While the non-white group had an average annual growth rate of 3.8 per cent, the white British population declined by 0.1 per cent.

The fastest population growth - 11 per cent a year - was registered among the Chinese community, mainly due to immigration, rather than a high birth rate among settled Chinese.
Growth in the Black African population is largely the result of asylum seekers, principally from Somalia and Zimbabwe.

The research, the first of its kind and based on the 2001 census, shows that the non-white British population was around 7.1 million in 2003, compared with 6.6 million in 2001".
However, Background Note 2 from the actual report from which that data has been drawn, entitled 'New experimental population estimates by ethnic group (.pdf)', states the following -
"2. These statistics have been assigned an experimental status, which should be borne in mind when using the data. They have not yet met the high quality standards required of national Statistics and will indergo further development."
So the Daily Telegraph has erred in its reporting of these figures on two counts.
Firstly, although these figures have been published by the Office of National Statistics, they do not meet that body's own criteria for classification as 'national Statistics' and should therefore not be described as 'official figures'.
Secondly, there is no mention of their experimental status in the Telegraph's report. For all that readers of the Telegraph know they could be reading figures compiled from a painstaking review of birth and death registration data, when in fact they might be reading somebody's best guess.
So, for all its fanfare, this report really leaves nobody the wiser.

An Institutional Loser

Sir Ian Blair Jean Charles de Menezes Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has accused the British press of ' institutional racism' over the volume of press coverage given to the murders of whites, such as the 2002 murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, as opposed to the murders of ethnic minorities.
Wells and Chapman, both 10, were murdered by a pervert with a history of statutory rape whom defective screening procedures, includeing the involvement of the police, had enabled to obtain a post as a school caretaker.
He also criticised the volume of coverage given to the murder of Tom ap Rhys Pryce earlier this month, in comparison with other murders.
ap Rhys Pryce was stabbed by robbers yards from his home - hardly a glowing advertisement for the style of policing practiced by Blair.

'A Reader Predicts the Collapse of Mexico'

John H. Ciccolo, Jr writes today's VDare, 'Letter of the Day'; an excellent analysis of why Mexico is one of the scariest countries on Earth.

Stephen Harper, The Gunboat Diplomat

Within seven days of becoming Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper has had a spat with the US Ambassador to Ottawa over Canadian claims to sovereignty over Arctic waters.
One cannot argue with either the sentiment behind or the validity of Harper's comments that,
"The United States defends its sovereignty, the Canadian government will defend our sovereignty," or indeed with with his comment that "it is the Canadian people we get our mandate from, not the ambassador of the United States."
However, for him to take the contentious step of sending military ice-breakers to the Arctic, a move which he knew or ought to have known would attract incoming from the Americans, and particularly when he has domestic alliances to forge in order to strengthen his new government, does rather smack of crass triangulation; the use of foreign policy as a tool for the gaining of domestic advantage.
If he keeps this up, official US-Canadian relations may well continue to sleep with the walruses.

The German Bomb

Rupert Scholz, a former German Defence Minister, has suggested that Germany should have its own atomic weapons.
Although his remarks have produced a river of tears by the Brandenburg Gate from the Germanoleft, one cannot think of any reason why Germany should not have such an arsenal.
What would the neos do to stop them? Invade?

A Suitable Punishment For Benefit Fraud

In the case of Roger Tate, being forced into the stocks in the centre of Leeds for a week might fit the bill.


Recorder Caroline Lister yesterday directed a jury to acquit Nicholas Whittle of dangerous driving, alleged to have been constituted by his driving a Porsche at 150 mph on a country road, because of the particular conditions at the time.
A little too late for Lee Beddis, alas, whose days of bullying other motorists through excessive speed are now firmly in the past.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wonders Never Cease

I would be remiss in my duties if I did not note Steve Sailer has linked to this blog, noting that Martin is a "dyspeptic Glawegian [sic]".

Not so much dyspeptic as righteously wrathful, I'd say.

Welcome, iSteve readers!

'Do you not want to see justice prevail'?

asks Supt. Willie Prendergast of Strathclyde Police, in relation to the lack of public response concerning the killing of Joseph Ryan.
The answer from some would be 'No'. The answer from others might be that perhaps it already has.

'Muggings and gun crime' on rise...

says the BBC, with nary a mention of the influence that mass migration has had on these categories of offending, whether in their commission or in the distribution of their proceeds.

John Sentamu, Libertarian Hero

The newly-anointed Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, has criticised Blair for passing too many laws.
Before becoming a man of the cloth, he was both a lawyer and a judge in the Uganda of Idi Amin Dada - so what could he possibly be expected to know about anything?

A Gilt Trip

The Chancellor of The Exchequer has been encouraged to borrow sensibly.
The Treasury doesn't borrow on Mastercard - does it?

Justice for Craig Alden

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The 'Minuteman' Fight With The BBC Continues

On January 13, I posted a copy of a letter from the BBC answering, and my reply to it requesting further escalation of, a complaint in relation to a BBC News item of December 22 which had described the Minutemen as 'vigilantes'.
That request for further escalation had been made via the e-mail address listed on the letter I received from BBC Information dated January 6, info@bbc.co.uk. Not having heard anything for several days, I called them this morning.
It was with some surprise that I was told that that e-mail address had been deactivated at some point in 2005, and that all e-mail communications have to be conducted through this less than satisfactory online form.
I have requested a written explanation as to why I was sent a piece of correspondence with incorrect contact details, but of course as far as the BBC's concerned my complaint has been resolved, when it hasn't been - not by a long chalk.
Details of their reply will be posted in due course.

A Night To Get Burned

(Update, 25/1/2006 - mind you, I bet the staff of the Daily Telegraph are feeling a little stupid right now...)

The Common Future of Canada and Britain

Whilst Mark Steyn has engaged in the frothiest, most superficial analysis of the Canadian election for his readership Down Under, Kevin Michael Grace provides a rather more serious analysis of the result, and concludes, echoing Peter Brimelow, that the days of federal Canada may now be numbered.
Grace writes that,
"In any event, the National Question is being answered. Like all open marriages, Canada’s union is doomed. Quebec has become a nation-state, and the Confederation of Canada is now nothing more than a not particularly convenient administrative convenience. "
Nations and peoples have no existential right to exist - if I can be excused the vanity of quoting myself, a phrase I have used before to describe this phenomenon is 'Has anyone heard how the Partians, the Medes and the Elamites are getting on right now?'
If Canada ceases to exist, it will be because of ethnic pandering to Quebecois nationalism; and that great whirring sound you can hear is General Wolfe spinning in his grave.
Canada will have forgotten what it was, what it was about. Perhaps it was only ever an artifice, a legal creation as opposed to a nation, much like its British parent, whose day may also be done.
Given that it was an entity cobbled together from nations which were both culturally and historically very different, the UK has actually done very well for itself. However, it required common goals in order to succeed as a single unit. Having to work together abroad for the purposes of Empire may have provided such a rationale; as did not having to speak to each other at home.
With those uniting elements gone, it's not hard to see how Scottish nationalist sentiment, which has rarely been the preserve of the poor, has risen.
If things keep going the way they are, Grace has anticipated that Monday's election will be the last federal election in Canadian history.
If things continue the way they are going in the UK, I would anticipate that the 2005 General Election will be the last but one.

'Hebron for Beginners'

It's illuminating; as are Pat Buchanan's insights on the recent comments of Hillary Clinton.

The Purging Of Neil Craig, continued - Justice Delayed

The move to purge Neil Craig from the Scottish Liberal Democrats has run into something of a delay.
Perhaps the party's management is otherwise engaged.
With an attrition rate at the top of the kind currently being suffered by the LibDems, Neil should bide his time. They should be inviting to stand for the party leadership any day now.

They Deserve Each Other

A voluntary organisation has described David Cameron as 'barmy' for proposing that school leavers be compelled to undertake voluntary work.
By the same token, Gordon Brown has attacked Cameron, saying, as The Daily Telegraph put it, that,
"Mr Cameron's tendency to "gloss over" important issues would put the economy and national security at risk."
They deserve each other, certainly - but we deserve better.

Violent Ulster, cont - In Your Face, In Your Home

As well as manifesting itself in arson and opportunistic kidnapping, Northern Ireland's culture of aggression seems to have discovered a new outlet through which God's Chosen People can show the rest of the world how great they are - by invading the privacy of homeowners, the older the better.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Foreign Criminals Of The Day, Part I: From Medellin to Meadowbank

The banner headline in today's Daily Record, an inexplicably popular Glaswegian tabloid, was 'Invasion of the Cocaine Colombians'.
The Daily Record's reporter, Richard Elias, wrote that,
"Ruthless (those narco-fiends are always 'ruthless'!) Colombian drug barons have set up their own distribution network in Scotland...
And drugbusters from Bogota have flown to Glasgow for top-level talks with Scots cops.

Drugs intelligence experts believe the Colombian crime syndicate may already have as many as a dozen members here".
"Colombia has one of the highest murder rates in the world and bombings, drive-by shootings, assassinations and kidnappings are part of everyday life.

Deputy chief constable Graeme Pearson has been given the job of ensuring that does not happen here.

As head of the Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency, he will co-ordinate the fight against the traffickers.

Last night, he said: "We are aware that they have sent their people here to handle the final stages of the distribution plan. The Colombians are making Europe their frontline market and Scotland is directly affected."
Elias continued,
"Earlier this month, dozens of people working for a London-based Colombian cartel which generated £1billion in just 10 years were jailed.

They imported a ton of cocaine into the UK each year.

As is now being seen in Scotland, that operation began with cartel members flying to the UK to set up their own distribution network.

Mr Pearson is determined that no operation will establish a foothold in Scotland".
The London-based traffickers were, of course, the Ruiz-Henao Gang.
The leaders of the Ruiz-Henao Gang came to the UK as 'refugees' and 'asylum-seekers'; one can't help but wonder whether this is the ruse, the abuse of process, which has been used to gain entry to the UK by the criminals now being chased by Graeme Pearson.
And if that is the case, then, in the face of such systematic abuse of the law for the furtherance of crime, there can exist no valid case against the tagging of all asylum-seekers.

'Less than I hoped for, better than I thought'

is Canadianna's assessment of the Canadian election result - which, after 12 years of the Liberals, might be as good as a result as CPC supporters could have hoped for.
The Hyphenated Canadian, however, plays Banquo's Ghost; and from David Frum, the rest is silence.

The Great Language School Illegal Immigration Scam, continued - The Gangmaster's Blues

"The whole system is a farce. London is full of schools that will just accept your money so you can get a visa.

"Everyone knows that if you go to Oxford Street you can find a school like this. They don't notice whether you ever go to lessons.

"My girlfriend paid £400 for a course, but she has never been to the lessons. The school doesn't care".
A sensible person facing 21 charges of manslaughter is likely to do and say anything to advance their defence, but Lin Liang Ren's evidence at his trial over his involvement in the Morecambe Bay Cockling Disaster, Britain's worst industrial accident since Piper Alpha, casts some light further light on the great language school illegal immigration scam.
The BBC reported that,
"In order to extend his visa to stay in the country, he had registered at London's TTI College, which offered English language courses, but said he never actually attended lessons.

He told the court he was instructed by the man running the college, Mr Chan, to familiarise himself with the buildings in case he was investigated by the immigration authorities.

"I was told if the Home Office investigates that college, at least I know where is the college," he said.

Prior to going into cockling, he had lived in Merseyside washing up in Chinese restaurants."
Hopefully the foreign devils have already busted Mr. Chan well and good - yet one couldn't help but notice the irony in a language student giving his evidence though an interpreter.
Ren's profit on every bag of cockles was 120%.

Ask Not For Whom The School Bell Tolls...

for, after six and three month warnings, it tolls for Dundee's Imam Muhammad Zakariya school.
It is suspected that the authorities behind the closure are not supporters of Dundee United.
Allahu Akbar!

The Slough of Despond

Number of individuals who applied for National Insurance numbers in Slough in 2005 - 9,000+.
Increase in population of Slough over the past year due to migration - 8%.
Shortfall in municipal budget due to government miscalculation in numbers of migrants coming to Slough - £1.3 million.
Description of government statistics used to calculate migrant funding - 'flawed'.
Number of foreign NI number applicants seeking asylum- nil.
Number of foreign NI number applicants entitled to use council services - all.

Steyn versus Brimelow: Ideology Versus Facts

In a largely ignorant piece about Scotland today entitled,'The Celtic canary in the UK's coal mine', riddled with his usual demographic assumptions (isn' it surprising to see such an avowed right-winger apparently suggesting the desirability of population targets? Push! PUSH!), Mark Steyn wrote,
"What can be done to save Scotland? The Scottish Executive would like Scotland to have control of its own immigration, as the province of Quebec does. Quebec's collapsed birth rate has also cost it its dreams of nationhood and, like Scotland, it looked to immigration to save it, since when it has attracted a lively range of jihadist cells for whom Montreal offers the advantage of being a terrorist-indulgent neighbourhood only a stone's throw - or a bomb's - from the Great Satan's border. As the estate agents say, it is location, location, location. Glasgow has no such unique selling point."
From the increased number of Somalis I have seen wandering up and down Bath Street over the last few years, I'm afraid the reality on the ground might be a little different from that which exists in Steyn's Glasgow of the imagination.
However, it seems that the so-called thinking right's professional Canadian might have boobed on another score. The failure of the CPC to win the election outright might produce some interesting, and disturbing, results.
At the risk of being accused of callow triangulation, Peter Brimelow has analysed the outcome of the election, and written that,
"With 51 seats to the Conservatives’ 124 in a 308-seat Parliament, the separatist Bloc Quebecois now holds that balance of power. Although I don’t see much awareness of it in MSM commentary, this is exactly what kept happening in the U.K. Parliament with the Irish Nationalists at the end of the nineteenth century, and is the reason that there was a Home Rule bill actually on the statute books when World War I - that world-shattering tragedy - broke out in 1914.
What this means in Canada is that Quebec has taken another step to becoming an independent nation-state. What it means more generally is that, when something is inevitable, it eventually happens".
They can't both be right.

The Iraqi Ransom Racket

It seems that German Iraq hostage Susanne Osthoff might not have been the clean strudel.
The dawning of 'Cosa Allah', perhaps?

Keeping An Eye On Russia, cont - Overlords!

The Daily Telegraph is almost spectacularly disingenuous this morning, saying,
"Moscow has used its might as a supplier of oil and gas to assert its overlordship over its "near abroad". Earlier this month it cut off gas supplies to the Ukraine and Georgia, another pro-western state, has accused Moscow of doing the same at the weekend."
So that's how to deal with Scottish Power when the gas bill's too high.
Label them overlords and call in MI6.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Who Is The Liar?

Is it Immigration Minister Tony McNulty, whom the BBC reported as saying in May 2005 that, "there was little evidence that the new workers had a widespread impact on jobs or wages"?
Or is it Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, who said in June 2005 that,"(the) Home Office estimates that around 120,000 workers entered the UK from the new member countries of the European Union between March 2004 and March this year. Without this influx to fill the skill gaps in a tight labour market, it is likely earnings would have risen at a faster rate, putting upward pressure on the costs of employers, and, ultimately inflation".
One says immigration has no widespread impact on wages, the other says immigration has acted as a brake on wage inflation.
They cannot cannot both be telling the truth.
So one of them must be lying.
Which of them is it?

Harper's Bazaar

Michael Monastyrskyj, aka The Hyphenated-Canadian, has an excellent piece on the Conservative Party of Canada's immigration fogginess on VDare.
Michael has been blogging a storm in the last few days (examples here, here, here, here and here); it's all good stuff.
One really hopes, however, that he's wrong about the CPC - for if Harper ever lets Canadianna down, he will have me to answer to...

Poland's Labour Protectionism

Following upon my post earlier today concerning this morning's encouraging poll in the Irish Times, I am indebted to Adam Lawson for delving into his trove of links after blogging on the subject.
Earlier this month, I blogged on comments made by Pat Rabbitte, the leader of Ireland's Labour Party, where he had suggested a new system of work permits might be required in order to limit migrant numbers.
Today, whilst scoring points off An Taioseach, otherwise known as The Mahajarah Bertie of Ballydelhi, Rabbitte may have become the first mainstream politician in the British Isles to mention the great unmentionable since the advent of the Nice Treaty- the danger of worker displacement, a concern also shared by Jack O'Connor, Ireland's top trade unionist.
O'Connor might yet prove to be Ireland's Cesar Chavez.
But one of Adam's links drew a stunning little piece of information to light. It seems that while the UK, Ireland and Sweden were the only pre-Nice EU members not to impose controls on migrant labour from the New East, Poland was one of only three New East countries to impose restrictions on the movement of labour from the West.
Neal Ascherson might once have said, 'By God, what Scotland really wants is Poles'; but by God, what Poland really does not want is Scots.
Someone had better tell Scotland's more rabid immigrationists that their vaunted free market in labour ain't as free as they assume.

The Sign Of (Sort Of )Four

They may not have stolen The Great Agra Treasure, but I wonder which of these guys was the midget.

An Open Letter To Vladimir Putin

To His Excellency Vladimir Putin, President of Russia
Dear Mr. Putin,
I note with regret that your government apparently has cause to believe that the United Kingdom has been engaged in espionage against Russia.
It would seem that, as we would say, you might have the Foreign Office between a rock and a hard place.
The BBC has reported that,
"The Foreign Office said it was well known that the UK government had given financial support to projects implemented by Russian NGOs in the field of human rights and civil society."; and in a statement the FCO has said,
"All our assistance is given openly and aims to support the development of a healthy civil society in Russia".
Our own country is, of course, not without its own problems. New university graduates find it hard to find permanent work. Grave doubts are now being expressed about the UK's ability to survive the trend towards so-called 'globalisation'; there is widespread concern over the health of our economy, very possibly being wrecked by the kind of centralised meddling your country abandoned long ago; the number of native jobless is rising whilst foreigners seem to come and go as they please; and our Government's economic plans might even include enriching other nations at the expense of our own.
Anglo-Russian relations have not been best served by the cotton-wool treatment afforded by the British government to some so-called asylum-seekers, whom their countrymen might have cause to believe are little more than common thieves.
Against this background, in recent weeks the Russians have also had to read inflammatory, largely inaccurate and in many cases downright aggressive attacks from the British press concerning the distribution of Russian resources. These attacks have done nothing but serve to further sour what should be friendly relations between our two nations.
However, the British government is not without stain of its own, having continuously assaulted historic civil liberties since its election in 1997. Many Russians will remember the days of the 'internal passport' with a sense of dread; even now, the liberty and democracy loving government of Anthony Blair proposes to introduce ID cards.
Perhaps the Russian government might perhaps make a donation to a suitable British NGO, such as Liberty, to show its interest in supporting the development of a healthy civil society in a United Kingdom.
Or even better, perhaps a small donation to the Royal Automobile Club, to combat what seems to be the widespread municipal abuse of the parking system.

Ireland's Anti-Migrant Backlash

According to a poll in today's Irish Times , nearly 80% of Irish voters want work permits instead of unfettered migration.
Sure, but they're just ignorant voters, there to be abused and ignored, while Sister Stanislaus Kennedy will always be able to give a soundbite in favour of re-uniting families.
Fie thee to a nunnery, Sister Stan; for the times they are a-changin...

'The Inexorable Rise of Latino USA'

in yesterday's Sunday Herald was the most execrably bad analysis of Californian politics I have ever read.

Where Is the Criticism Of Shaul Mofaz?

After all, the Israeli Defence Minister has just threatened The Islamic Republic of Iran, saying,
"We are giving priority at this stage to diplomatic action … but we cannot tolerate a nuclear option for Iran and we must prepare ourselves..We must develop the option of our defence with all that implies...
"You, who are leading your country in an ideology of hatred, terror and anti-Semitism, you had better take a glance at history and see what became of tyrants like you who tried to annihilate the Jewish people...

"They brought only destruction upon their own people".
If that statement isn't guaranteed to stoke anti-Israeli, and anti-Semitic, sentiment in Tehran, nothing will.

The Great Daily Telegraph Anti-Ruth Kelly Slime

Following hot on the heels of Melanie Phillips' outrageous comments in the 'Daily Mail' about Ruth Kelly's religious beliefs last week, The Daily Telegraph has reported today that Kelly's grandfather served in the Old IRA.
As no fan of Kelly's, and a critic of posturing pseudo-Republicans, it's nonetheless rather irritating to see that the Daily Telegraph still seems to believe in the maxim 'innocent until proven Irish'. Visiting the republican sins of the grandfather on the granddaughter seems odd, to say the least, given that Kelly's brief, Education, would seem to have little interface with security matters.
Any concerns that the Telegraph might have had over where Kelly's loyalties lie should have been put to rest by her swearing of the Loyal Oath before she entered Parliament.
And she gave her kids Gaelic names! Gee, I wonder if the Telegraph would ever mention the linguistic origins of the names of a Sikh or Muslim politician's children?
Although my ancestors moved to Scotland between the 1870's and the 1920's, one of my great-great-grandfathers, Peter Lyden, was alleged to have been a member of a Fenian gang called 'The Peep O' Day Boys', and left Galway rather than commit a murder. If one should ever be in a position to be profiled by the Daily Telegraph, that's a nice little ethnic anecdote for them, straight from the horse's mouth.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Foreigner Criticises The Scottish Work Ethic - Whilst Taking Scottish Money

Apparently, Scottish girls are amongst the most violent in the world.

They are also probably amongst the most lumpen, brazen, aggressive and masculinised.
I wouldn't want to be a secondary school teacher in Scotland for all the money in the world.
A lot of them are that way because they want to be. But there are other reasons as well.
There's no denying that many of these girls are poorer than their mothers might have been at the same age. Consistent exposure to poverty, through no fault of your own, certainly must have some kind of negative psychological impact.
And perhaps unlike the citizens of other nations, they also suffer the indignity of having foreigners such as Anthony Miranda, who have been granted the privilege of operating businesses in their country, and who seem perfectly happy to take their money, turning round and criticising their work ethic.
Miranda is the American-born manager of 'Frankie & Benny’s' a restaurant at the Springfield Quay complex in Glasgow. He has told the Sunday Times that his staff turnover is high, but says,
"It might seem strange to get someone walking through the door from Warsaw and not from Paisley Road West...But I have never had anyone walk through the door from this area. Most of our kitchen staff are Polish. They have no problems with the nature of the work and they work well and happily...It is not a problem you find among Americans and Europeans. We regard service jobs as honourable work"
If his Poles have so little problem with the work he offers them, then if he still has a staff retention problem he must be doing something wrong.
Maybe he's the problem.
If Americans have no problem with service work, as he says, then presumably Miranda would endorse any restrictionist who opposes the canard that mass immigration is required in order 'to fill the jobs Americans won't do'. However one can only assume he pays his staff at least minimum wage, and would also seem to be in no position to comment on how well or happily Glaswegians work, if only because none of them ever seem to come through his door other than to give him money.
Hey, he never mentioned the last time he gave his staff a raise!
Hopefully, he differentiates himself from other employers in his sector by providing opportunities for staff to advance themselves.
However, neither Miranda nor the Sunday Times bother to mention two critical facts.
The first is that the population in the part of Glasgow where his restaurant is situated has a greater ethnic mix than possibly anywhere else in the city apart from Woodlands and St. George's Cross. The locals around Frankie & Benny's are not reflective of the city as a whole.
The second is that the Springfield Quay complex contains a cinema and at least two other restaurants. At the entrance to the Quay is a Harry Ramsden's restaurant, and an Italian restaurant called 'La Fiorentina' is a short walk further down Paisley Road West. Miranda's restaurant is in a part of the city packed with eateries. There are plenty of other opportunities for hospitality work within a stone's throw of his premises, and that's most certainly not the locals' fault - and when I was in his premises last month, his barman most certainly did not have a Polish accent.
Politicians laud foreigners like Miranda because they create 'jobs'; it doesn't matter to the politician what the job is, or its prospects, or its likely duration, or how it pays - if it's filled, it makes them look good. However, when foreign business owners and managers turn round and criticise the people from whom they make their livelihood, they forget that, although they might have jobs to fill, the hospitality sector is brutal in its natural selection; and that if they want to stay in business, maintaining local goodwill is far more important than being able to hire cheap waiters.
And I for one will never step inside Anthony Miranda's restaurant ever again.

The Hyphenated Canadian's Concerns

The Canadian restrictionist blogger The Hyphenated-Canadian, author of Dispatches from the Hogtown Front, has started posting again, after a lull caused by celebrating two Christmases. It's a long story...
As much as one wishes all success for Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada in Tuesday's election, so that great country can at last start to purge itself of the poison the Liberal Party has spread throughout its system, H-C has some very, very harsh words for Harper on the CPC's apparent lack of a firm immigration policy.
As H-C has said, nothing, absolutely nothing, turns conservative voters off more quickly than pandering to special interests - and in particular, ethnic pandering to terrorists.

Keeping An Eye on Russia, cont - A Pot Pourri Of Georgian Paranoia And Pouting Profs

The Russian Foreign Ministry has described as 'hysterical' the accusation of Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili that the sabotage inflicted on Russian gas pipelines, which had caused a supply shutdown in his country, had been organised by Moscow.
Moscow has no need to sabotage its own pipes - if the Russians really want the Georgians to suffer, all they have to do is turn off the spigots. And seeing that they are selling them the stuff, it hardly seems to be in Russia's interests to incur the deliberate expense of mangling pipes they will have to pay to replace.
A very much more likely explanation for the vandalism could be that some ordinary Russian, sick of reading how his country's resources have been provided for pennies to people who in recent weeks have openly complained about being required to pay a little more, but still far less than market rate, for access to them, has gone to town on his local stretch of pipeline with a monkey-wrench and struck a blow for Mother Russia.
And one can't help but wonder whether, by spouting such fatuity, Saakashvili was trying to get somebody's ear; though what good it would have done him is anyone's guess.
But in the face of such reckless behaviour, a little light relief is always welcome.
In the course of an article on health issues during which he seems to admit to being something of a nascent bevvy-hound (beer and wine every day?), and has another go at his fellow Scots (you know, the ones he was divorcing himself just three weeks ago), Niall Ferguson, the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University and self-proclaimed 'fully paid up member of the neo-imperialist gang', wrote that,
"And I complain about the weather in Boston! "Be thankful you're not here," a prospective student based in Russia told me last week. For conditions there are truly Arctic. In Moscow alone, more than 100 people have died of hypothermia this winter, with temperatures plummeting below -30C.
It would be nice to think that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is among those being kept awake by the sound of their own teeth chattering. Having threatened to cut off gas supplies to the Ukraine only a few weeks ago, the Russian government certainly had this coming to it. But something tells me that, while power is being rationed for ordinary Muscovites, Mr Putin's electric blanket is keeping him cosy all night long."
Just as George W. Bush's does on Pennsylvania Avenue whilst the homeless of Washington are out on the Mall, freezing their patooties off.
And for the historical record, the one which Harvard pays Ferguson to teach, Ukraine's recent gas-supply problems might just have had just as much to do with the chaotic nature of its government as with any conduct of the Russians.

The Hunger For the Tax

Coventry City Council must be absolutely ravening for the business rates that a super casino could pay.

The Bolivian Busker

If he persists in dressing thus, one expects to see Evo Morale playing El Condor Pasa on his pan pipes outside Borders on Buchanan Street.

Some Thoughts On The Naming Of Ships

The American destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill has been involved in a successful anti-piracy operation on the Somali Main.

Basic Googling indicates that there have been two HMS Churchills.

The first started life as the USS Herndon, was renamed when she was transferred to the Royal Navy in 1940, was sold to the Russians in 1944 and probably sunk in January 1945.

The second was a nuclear submarine, decommissioned in the early '80's.

Unless I'm both blind and stupid, there doesn't seem to have been one since.

Well, at least the US Navy still respects British history.

Violent Ulster, cont - What Passes For A Quiet Weekend Over The Water...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Trifkovic Conundrum

'Can a Pious Muslim Become a Loyal American?'

You decide.

And in relation to second generation Muslim Americans, bear in mind that Trifkovic is himself a naturalised Serb.

The Islamic Republic Of Iraq Edges Ever Nearer

Curse the neos and their goddam waking nightmare!
The confirmation of the Shia parties' victory in the Iraqi elections has brought one step closer the day that the country becomes an Islamotheocracy, a mini-Iranohell entirely of the neos' making.
Was it for this that 2,000 Americans have died?
To try to justify this result by saying that this was the 'democratic option opened to (Iraqis) by the invasion', as the 'Daily Telegraph' puts it today, is more than a little disingenuous, as at all times and under all circumstances it must be repeated that the rationale given for the invasion of Iraq was the imminent threat posed by Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. Not democracy; not liberty; not the relief of oppression; not the preservation of minorities; it was all about the nukes, first, last, foremost and always.
For the Shias, victory in this election is an expression of the will of God; and if God has said they are to have power, surely another election is heresy?
This disaster is being hailed as an event which is in some way positive, when it is not, and has appeared on the same day on which an equally significant piece of news, the sentencing of Lawrence Franklin to 12 years imprisonment, was buried. Franklin's evidence at the trials of Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman may just show to what extent, just how deeply, the neos have damaged America.
They all deserve to be in jail, for what they have done to Iraq, for sure - but the greatest crime of the neos is most certainly what they have done to the reputation of the USA.

A Bespectacled Balding Fat Man Stamps On The Heads Of The People

The Rt. Hon The Lord Falconer of Thoroton (top- sorry, bottom), the former flatmate of Tony Blair's whom he appointed Lord Chancellor, looks mildly surprised.
(Bit of a cock-up on the pictures front, there. No idea who the other bloke is, although he needs a decent moisturiser by the looks of him.)

The noble lord Charlie has been quoted today as saying,

"The question is should you require - and I think ultimately, unless there is compulsion, you won't get the benefits of an ID card system - is it right to compel those that don't have a passport also to get an ID card?

"I think it is, I think it will become inevitable that you need reliable means of identification, both to stop people stealing your identity, and also making it much, much easier for you to deal with the state.

"You won't every time you want to change something have to fill in a long form, life will just become much easier."

So that's the reasoning behind ID cards then, along with the DNA database of people who've never committed crimes. They will make us a safe and secure society.

A Great Quote From The Canadian Election

"Just think...this is a place where you can arrive from India, worship as you are used to, eat the food you like, and speak your language - and be Canadian".
Jaipal Massey-Singh, candidate for the Green Party of Canada.
And, er - ever given a thought to actually 'assimilating'?
Good luck to Stephen Harper on Tuesday. If he wins, it looks like he might need it.