Friday, December 08, 2006

From The Mailbox: An Associate Of Mikhail Khodorkovsky's Lawyer Writes

Following upon my post of yesterday evening entitled 'The Myth of Mikhail Khodorkvsky', the following e-mail was in my inbox this morning -
"Dear Martin,
My name is James, and I am the editor at Bob Amsterdam's blog. I was the one who posted the link to your blog in one of my round-up posts. I was sorry to see such a hostile response to the mention, and I certainly didn't expect that it would bother you to such an extent. Clearly we hold different viewpoints, but that is not always an obstruction to constructive dialogue.
I have removed the link to your site, as you seem to be requesting. Itwould've been our pleasure to post a response comment to yourcharacterization of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, but your site doesn't admitcomments.
Kind regards and I hope you'll drop by once in a while,
A quick re-reading of my post doesn't seem to indicate any overt hostility to Mr. Amsterdam; all I was doing was poking slightly mild fun at his blog's lack of traffic.
If he wants to represent one of history's greatest thieves, then good luck to him.
But I'm not bothered by the removal of the link - however, if anyone thinks Mr. Amsterdam's blog could do with a few more hits they should e-mail its editor.


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