Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pray Or Pay

Gordon Brown is not fit to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Yesterday, he expressed his deep hatred of this country; and, by extension, of its people.

According to 'The Guardian', Brown addressed the Confederation of British Industry thus -

"Mr Brown called on Britain to become "an evangelist for globalisation", arguing free trade, open markets and flexibility were the preconditions of success in the global economy.

"I want globalisation's children - the coming generation - to enjoy the vastly increased opportunities it brings," Mr Brown told the CBI annual conference."

Globalisation is a policy, not a process - a policy of global labour arbitrage between the First and Third Worlds, with tradable employment moving from the high cost, high value economies of the First to the low cost, low value economies of the Third and mass migration into the First in order to lower wages.

The shipping of seafood landed in Scotland to China and Thailand for processing is an extreme example - but such examples make the game so obvious that any who deny it lay themselves open to the charge of being an economic ignoramus.

British real wages are visibly declining.

Migration is now openly reported as being a factor in the increase in unemployment - something some of us have been shouting about for months.

Globalisation is a policy intended to lead to plutonomy - as far as the United Kingdom and her citizens are concerned it benefits only the very rich.

And we have never been asked to vote upon it.

Any British politician who touts globalisation as having benefits for the United Kingdom can only hate this country, because they do not think, they cannot think, that it should be capable of standing by itself; and also hates its people, for they would make them paupers.

That's all that globalisation holds for us. Lower real wages, higher costs. That's all.

Brown is an aggressive globalist. Immediately before last June's G-8 summit in St.Petersburg he wrote an editorial for 'The Times' decrying 'economic 'patriotism'.

Earlier this month he wrote another editorial for 'The Times', saying,

"Globalisation desperately needs champions, statesmen and business leaders speaking together, to challenge the current descent into protectionism. And a new world trade deal is the most visible signal we can send that anti-globalisation forces of protectionism can and will be routed."

Now we must all be 'evangelists' for this false god of plutocrats; an appropriately sacrilegous metaphor to describe a wholly treacherous policy.

If there is one audience in the United Kingdom who you'd think would lap that message up it would be the CBI, British industry's vehicle for the practice of ethnic identity politics.
After all two years ago its members lapped up the comments of Sir Digby Jones, its then Director General, that,"I have formed the view that if ever there was a country made for globalisation, it is Britain. It is in our DNA."
Jones also said,
"Protectionist voices who think they can stop this - that's cloud cuckoo land...Ensuring people have the skills remains our problem. You have nothing to fear if you skill yourself."
The theory that one can protect oneself from globalisation with 'skills' is a canard.
It was shown to be a canard less than a month after Jones made his remarks.
Anyone who repeats it , including Gordon Brown himself, is a repeater of canards.
If proof of that claim's status as a canard is required, ask the engineer who didn't get hired because Irina Dyke got their job.
They want a bigger slice of the pie.
They want more; and when faced with the idea that some countries prefer strategic businesses to remain in domestic hands, they throw their dummies from the pram like babies.
Tough luck, guys. You reap what you sow.
In such cases, one says 'Bravo' to the Spanish, the French and the Germans.
Globalisation is a god to which Gordon Brown can pray as much as he likes.
What is certain is that for as long as this treacherous, anti-British practice remains government policy, the rest of us will be paying for it.


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