Saturday, October 21, 2006

Vladimir Putin Is Libelled By The Daily Telegraph

This morning, under the headline 'Prime Minister fails to confront Putin', the Daily Telegraph writes,
"Mr Blair and the other EU leaders were under intense pressure to challenge Mr Putin over worsening human rights in Russia, including the murder of a prominent investigative journalist, and sabre-rattling against the neighbouring state of Georgia."
This paragraph directly suggests that Anna Politkovskaya was murdered by agents of the Russian state under Putin's control. If The Daily Telegraph has information linking Putin to the killing it should publish it. If it does not possess such information then to suggest that he was connected to it is libellous.
And as bad as it is the murder of journalists in Russia is almost a spectator sport, practiced long before Putin came to power.
As well as failing to properly report Russian history, the Daily Telegraph appears to have some problems with parts of British history as well.
Such as the presumption of innocence.


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