Monday, October 16, 2006

The Swimmer

"Woolas says that it's sexist of her to wear the veil in front of men. I presume he gets changed at the swimming baths in front of the ladies then. Don't know if they'd appreciate that equality of opportunity though."
Saeed's analogy is typically hysterical and overblown. His bigotry towards and ignorance of the society in which he was raised means he assumes that all non-Muslim males lack decency and modesty. The very existence of separate changing rooms proves his prejudice false.
Presumably 'The Scotsman' knew of Saeed's remark in support of the Christophobic, Scotophobic jihadist Sajad Ahmed Rana that 'if Sajad wasn't a Muslim, he wouldn't care about his daughter' before it described him as one of Scotland's 'key opinion formers'.
His inclusion seems to have been warranted on no basis other than his status as the Muslim Assocation of Britain's Scottish spokesman, a sort of bagpiping Bunglingwally - although in this day and age one might have thought he would have preferred to be designed by the more politically correct 'spokesperson'.
And one can't also help but wonder whether 'swimmer' will soon join 'pig', 'ape' and 'vampire' in the pantheon of Islamic insults.


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