Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cultural Triage

In today's Guardian, Timothy Fartin' Ash farts that,
"As our society becomes more diverse, we will have to become more tolerant of diversity. We need to make a triage between the fundamentals of a free society on which we cannot compromise, matters that are properly the subject of intercommunal negotiation, and third-order issues best left to time and the quiet tides of social adaptation. Free speech belongs in the first category; the veil in the last."
On the basis that tolerance of diversity presumably includes tolerance of the intolerant, I'm going to apply for a community grant to found The Displaced Briton's Centre For The Promotion Of Intolerance Of Diversity.
But Fartin' Ash's triage analogy is a bad one. Triage implies prioritisation of medical care, with the possibility of one entity living while another is left to die...
It is not cultural triage that we need. Amputating the doctrine of diversity from our culture is a course of treatment much more likely to result in the restoration of the patient's health.


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