Friday, July 21, 2006

'Understanding migration is key to many policy issues'

Such as the policy of deliberately stuffing the native population by increasing the size of the work force and thereby decreasing the opportunities available to, and earning capacities of, native citizens.
And you can always rely on 'The Guardian' to write guff like,
"Poles have become indispensable to whole sections of the British economy."
Which sections, exactly? Those where employers are not prepared to pay market wages?
Or which need migration's human subsidy in order to continue trading?


Blogger Michaelcd said...

It's a continuation of media policy; keep talking about the illusionary benfits, and in the end people will believe it.

The worst offender is Jon Gaunt on Talksport radio. If you listened to him you would believe that without immigrants would we would face collapse, starvation and probably spontaneous combustion, too!

21 July, 2006 17:38  
Blogger Martin said...


Another reason not to listen to the radio...

21 July, 2006 18:11  
Blogger Canadi-anna said...

We get the same nonsense over here every time an illegal immigrant is about to be deported. And not only do people really believe there's nothing wrong with it, you're right michaelcd, they actually believe it's a good thing.

22 July, 2006 00:00  

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