Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Salmond Dilemma

Alex Salmond, the leader of the Scottish National Party, has penned a thunderingly disingenuous editorial for today's Guardian entitled 'It is not Scotland's job to keep New Labour in power'.
The Beast of Buchan writes,
"Norway, Ireland, Finland or Denmark (are) just a few of the European nations sitting at the top of world league tables for wealth and quality of life and playing their full part in the UN and EU."
Yet cruel reason ever blights The Thoughts Of The Once And Present King. There is another smallish but wealthy European nation, highly devolved and with separate cultures, which would never dream of fracturing its union should any of its minorities engage in Salmond's brand of proto-nationalist hectoring.
And as a bonus, they also shun most forms of international involvement.
What of the Swiss, Tartanissimo? Why should we destroy our Union on the basis of your promise that we'll all be better off, when we could be more like the Swiss and put the British national interest first?
Scottish nationalism is a broken reed, the dream of days gone by; and Salmond's rightful place is as an adornment to a cuckoo-clock, popping out to mark the hour with the cry of 'Independence!'


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