Thursday, July 20, 2006

'Missing the mark on the de Menezes shooting'

A typically measured and thoughtful analysis of the De Menezes case from Josie Appleton.
Money quotes, at least as far as I'm concerned -
"While the case reveals dislocation in the Met, it also shows a worrying frame of mind among the police’s critics too. A surprising number of people have empathised and found deep meaning in the killing of de Menezes. There is a notion that the killing signals a totalitarian state, in which we could be victims at any moment. At the memorial that grew up at Stockwell Tube station last year, notes read, ‘even the police are starting to shoot us randomly’, ‘They are killing us, brother’, and ‘Another victim of the fascist pig’...De Menezes has become an almost Christ-like figure, a hard-working innocent young man who died to show us British sins (indeed, Bianca Jagger has as usual taken it too far by actually likening his death to that of Jesus’s).
Journalists have gone looking for ‘the real Jean Charles’, detailing his childhood, ambitions and pastimes. His small hilltop hometown of Gonzaga has been staked out by the British media – so it is small wonder that the town now bears a welcome sign at its entrance, reading ‘The land of Jean Charles – a victim of terrorism in London’. An offshoot of all this has been the growing importance of the issue in Brazil, a country not famed for the sensitivity of its police, where figures from the president downwards have raised the issue. At de Menezes’ memorial service in London, attended by the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, the Brazilian chaplain said that de Menezes ‘made us proud to be Brazilian’: ‘If Jean Charles’s tragic death helps us to hear those words, and take them to our hearts, his death will not be in vain but will bear fruits.’
'Proud to be Brazilian'?
Render unto Caesar, padre. Your sort of clerical thinking led to Rwanda.


Blogger ToraigheTeague said...


I think you’re blog is superb by the way, that said you seem to me to be a wee bit heard hearted w.r.t. to Jean Charles DeMenezes (JCdM) and his family.

I should really excuse myself for any glaring inconsistency in this comment , I haven’t followed the JCdM in any great detail since I have found the whole sorry tale profoundly sad while at the same its made me terribly angry.
Sad because an innocent man was shot dead. Angry because the Metropolitan Police ( Met ) have behaved so incompetently.

The non performance of the Met the other British Police the judiciary and penal system is a matter of wifely held opinion. A marked contrast to the Met’s competency in promoting gay rights and general sucking of to countries liberal left elite. I would guess that the Mainstream media would be more exacting in their criticism of Blair if he were known to have more conservative leanings.

Where have Blair and his like led us? To a situation where government employees would be persecuted for refusing to support certain Political/Cultural movements. Its like Stalin And Hitler never happened.

20 July, 2006 23:20  
Blogger Canadi-anna said...

I really hate that kind of maudlin sentimentality.
He may have been a great guy, terrific friend, honourable person -- but most of the idiots talking about him wouldn't have known him if they'd tripped over him.
It's these same sorts of people who think all poor people are good and noble simply because they are poor.

21 July, 2006 00:52  
Blogger Martin said...


Thank you for the compliment -and I like your screen name!

I find the case extremely sad as well - this man would still be alive and well if all our laws, icluding our immigration laws, had been enforced. It has always been my position that if the facts warranted prosecution then that should happen, but that JCDM's own lawlessness should preclude the payment of compensation.

What gets under my skin about his survivors is that none of them have ever seemed to acknowledge JCDM's own wrongdoing, have never seemed to criticise those for whom the police were looking when they shot him and instead have engaged in brazen demands for 'Justice for Jean!' which the immigrationist mass media, from the We Are The Worlders of the Guardian on the left to the Free Market Fanatics of The Daily Telegraph on the right, have relentlessly and uncritically reported.

What would they have said if The Binbag Crew had murdered him at Aldgate, or in Tavistock Square?

Crminal justice policy suffers from the same flaw as health and education - it has been ravaged by the politicians let loose on it, drawing its focus away from where it should be (punishing felons) to turning our courts into a group hug for sickos, hoors and gangsters. Both left and right are as culpable as each other. Although in many ways our current chaos serves the purpose of showing the pitfalls of ideology (if the history of the 20th Century hadn't given us enough evidence), all that one can hope for is that politics will eventually recalibrate itself into a way of thinking whereby the function of schools becomes teaching, that of hosptals becomes healing and that of the police services becomes preventing and deterring crime.

So start posting, ToraighTeague - you have your own voice now.

21 July, 2006 07:29  
Blogger Martin said...


Yep, you pretty much say it all.

21 July, 2006 07:36  

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