Thursday, July 20, 2006


Pinko and Perky, alias The Grand Old Duke Of Trots and Humpty Numpty, in happier times...

"Those were the days my friend
We'd thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way..."
"Socialist MSP Mr Fox, 47, told the court: "Mr Sheridan took issue with a great deal in the story.
"He did admit he had visited a swingers club."
But worse was yet to come for poor old Humpty, for the cheap stilettos of Carolyn Leckie and Rosie Kane were clacking on the cobbles of Parliament Square like the needles of Les Tricoteuses...
"Later, MSPs Carolyn Leckie and Rosie Kane both said they had heard Mr Sheridan admit he had been at the club.
Ms Leckie said it "hadn't been about judging behaviour but about the most popular, most famous convener with a huge reputation for principle, honesty and integrity being shown to be a hypocrite and a liar".
Mr Sheridan put it to Ms Leckie that she had come to court in pursuit of a political faction fight and had never heard him making that admission.
She replied: "That's a fantasy of yours, Tommy. You just can't take responsibility for your actions."
Nor take a bullet for cause and party, one supposes.


Blogger Canadi-anna said...

This sounds like a really seedy case.

I really like that song . . . now I'm going to be singing it in my head all night.

21 July, 2006 00:54  
Blogger Martin said...


The case is almost glorious in its tawdriness.

21 July, 2006 07:38  

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