Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The African Queen Takes The Midnight Express

With the publication of 'A Requiem for Gonzoconservatism', my days as a contributor to Antiwar came to a natural close, so it's without much trepidation that some comment is visited on Justin Raimondo's article of today entitled 'Odyssey to America'.
It tells the story of 'Adil', a Moroccan drag queen with a dream of becoming an American who Raimondo met in Kuala Lumpur and helped enter the USA - got that?
Being gay in Muslim North Africa (being gay in Muslim anywhere, come to think of it) is obviously no picnic, and Justin's narration of life in a Moroccan jail's 'gay tank' certainly makes uncomfortable reading.
However, I'm not altogether sure how verifiable Justin's comment about how the Spanish 'shoot illegal immigrants as they clamber onshore from rickety barges' might be; and very unusually for him, the reference is not supported by a hyperlink.
Yes, gay men are persecuted in the Muslim world, unconscionable hypocrisy given the homosexuality rampant in many Muslim cultures; but that does not by itself justify the grant of asylum to homosexuals.
Asylum should always and only ever be granted if the applicant is capable of proving that they run a risk of political persecution; and being gay is not a political matter, or so many gays keep telling us.
And Justin really strikes out when he compares Adil's journey to 'The Odyssey'.
The Odyssey is the story of a man trying to make his way back to a home he never wanted to leave in the first place.
Not to the one beside it, that he always thought was nice.


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