Sunday, March 12, 2006

Illegal Aliens Demonstrate...That They Don't Belong Here

According to the Chicago Sun-Times:
Tens of thousands of immigrants from throughout the Chicago area, many carrying U.S. flags, marched into downtown Chicago on Friday in a show of support for immigrant rights.

The rally came as the U.S. Senate struggles with a bill to stiffen border enforcement and a new report estimates the illegal immigrant population has grown from about 8.4 million in 2000 to nearly 12 million.

Shouts of "Si se puede" (Yes, it can be done) could be heard throughout city streets as marchers descended upon the plaza across from the Dirksen Federal Courthouse, where they listened to speeches voicing support for pro-immigrant legislation and opposition to a measure that would toughen penalties for illegal immigrants.
A photo (here) shows the demonstrators waving Mexican flags. For them, the reconquista proceeds on schedule, though the looming immigration bill might throw a monkey wrench into it. They do have one overwhelming adavantage: President Bush is on their side.

What would be the reaction of any "normal" nation and its people to an event like this? In Mexico itself, the army and it's firepower would likely be brought to bear on the protesters. (Not that I'm advocating that.)

A "normal" nation, in my view, would already be expelling them.

(Via Michelle Malkin.)


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